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Mythology Fantastic Creatures Of The World Open The Muse Of Mythology is pleased to present this comprehensive exploration of a dazzling array of all types of imagined beings, here calledfantastic creatures! The arts are among the richest sources of fantastic creatures. Sources of fantastic creatures include myth, legend, literature, movies, fine arts, and music.
Mythology Understanding Myth & Mythology Open

The true significance of myth and mythology is commonly overlooked. Many people see myths as little more than childhood amusements not worthy of serious study, like a fairy tale or a nursery rhyme; they see mythology—the study and science of myth—as an obvious and simplistic undertaking.

Here, The Muse Of Mythology will attempt to correct these misappraisals, and a lot more.

Mythology Comparative Mythology Open

The Muse Of Mythology invites you to join in an exploration of this intriguing, rich, and immensely rewarding field. Dare to tread where strange and exotic gods and goddesses lurk. Dare to visit familiar and unfamiliar lands, myths, fairy tales, legends, and fables.

Mythology What's A Nymph? Open

In ancient Greece, a nymph was any of a large class of inferior female divinities, usually associated with growing things such as plants or with water. A nymph was not an immortal, but lived a long time and was kindly disposed toward man.

Mythology What's A Muse? Open

In ancient Greece, people believed that the arts were inspired by muses—goddesses—supernatural women who haunted, lured, persuaded, or drove men to create great works of art. These muses were personifications of an inspiration that seemed magical and unearthly, guiding spirits through whose power one could create something new and wonderful.

Electricka, Muse of the WorldWide Web, and her cohort muses invite you to explore the ancient Greek muses and their 21st century counterparts. See what muses, museums, and music have in common.

Mythology About Muses & Museums Open

Did you know that the notion of a museum was invented in Ancient Greece, where it was defined as a building or place where works of art, scientific specimens, or other objects of permanent value are kept and displayed? The Greek word for museum, Mouseion, means shrine of the Muses.

Thus, a museum is a place sacred to the Muses, a building devoted to learning and the arts. In ancient Greece, any place devoted to learning and the arts was called a museum—a muse place! When you visit a museum, you enter a holy place, one sacred to the gods.

Electricka and her cohort muses invite you to explore the connection between the muses and museums.

Mythology The Essential Nature Of Myth Open

Here, The Muse Of Mythology explores the characteristics and qualities that make myths myths.

All myths adhere to a set of essential, defining characteristics that they hold in common with other myths. Every myth must exhibit these defining characteristics in order to earn the right to be called by that name. In this feature, The Muse Of Mythology explores myth with the objective of unearthing these defining characteristics--of elucidating and explaining them in such a way that virtually anyone who joins The Muse on this exploration will be able to recognize a myth when he see one.

Mythology The Muse Of Mythology Open

The Muse of Mythology delves into myths and mythic mysteries. The Muse also examines fairy tales, legends, fables, and other fanciful genres.

Mythology The Gallery Of Fantastic Creatures Open See images of fantastic creatures. Stroll through the gallery's halls and marvel at the pictures of creatures hanging from the walls. See images of some of the most fantastic creatures man has imagined.
Mythology The Muse Of Mythology Index Open

Use the Index To The Muse Of Mythology to quickly and easily identify and visit The Muse's most important pages.

Music Prizes For music Open

Explore prizes awarded for exemplary contributions to the art and practice of music.

Music The Score Of Waltzing Matilda Open

Waltzing Matilda is the so-called second or unofficial national anthem of Australia. Explore its origin, history, and distinctly Austrailian character. Try you hand at reading a score; simple though it may be, it's a perfect model for understanding socres and scoring. Try your hand at reading this musical score and have a little fun at the same time.

Music The Score In Western Music Open

The Muse Of Music invites you to explore the role of the score in modern Western notation systems and in music of the Western tradition.

Music The Glossary Of Musical Terms Open

The Muse Of Music is pleased to offer visitors an extensive automated glossary of musical terms designed to assist anyone interested in looking up the meaning of a musical term, whether a professional or non-professional.

The Glossary takes the form of a searchable and sortable table containing hundreds of musical words, signs, symbols, and their definitions. In addition to definitions, the table offers information and comments about the terms, as appropriate. The terms and definitions in the table may be searched, sorted, printed, and otherwise arranged for your convenience.

Music Music Terminology Open

Explore the subject of musical terminology. It includes the terms used in music, the systems of terms used in music, and the science and practice of constructing and using systems of musical terms.

Music Music Notation Open

Music notation systems have existed for as long as music has been recorded. Many different musical notation systems have been devised by many cultures at different times and places. Here, The Muse of Music is chiefly concerned with the general nature of music notation systems used in modern Western music.

Music The Grammies Open

The Grammy© Awards, affectionately referred to as Grammys or Grammies, are awarded annually by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for outstanding achievement in various categories in the commercial recording industry. Grammy's or Grammies are also the names of the statuettes given to recipients of Grammy Awards to recognize their achievements. Explore the many facets of the Grammies.

Music Music & The Dance Open

The Muse of Music invites you to explore The Muse's feature on music and dancing. This is your "invitation to the dance."

Music Theory And Practice Of Music Open

Music theory is a coherent group of general propositions used as principles to explain the sounds people hear when music is performed and what they intuitively understand from these sounds. Pure and simple, musical practice is the performance of music in all its aspects, as distinguished from its theory.

Theory and practice are two of the most difficult aspects of music for laymen to master; they are the playground of professional and amateur musicians. Most of us who love music but are untrained are content with just listening. Can The Muse Of Music make theory and practice comprehensible for the rest of us? Join The Muse in an exploration or this fascinating and rewarding subject and decide for yourself.

Music Classical Music Open

The Muse Of Music welcomes to the feature at Electricka's web site where classical music is explored.

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