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Animals and their Progeny
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lobster cock hen
fish (general) male female alevin, fingerling, fry
salmon jack hen, raun alevin, fry, parr, samlet, skegger, smolt, tecon
ant drone gyne, queen, worker antling, larva
ape male female baby, infant
seal & sea lion bull cow, matka bachelor, beach weaner, cub, pup, whelp
mackerel blinker, spike, tinkar
wild boar boar sow boarlet
herring brit, sprat
oyster (mollusc) brood, spat
hyrax buck doe bunny
rabbit buck, jack doe, jill bunny, kit, kitten, leveret, nestling
porpoise bull cow calf
manatee bull cow calf
impala buck doe calf
moose bull cow calf
reindeer bull cow calf
eland buck, bull cow, doe calf
gnu bull cow calf


Animal Sex And Progeny Names Table

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