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Betty and Helen Open A comparison of Betty White and Helen Thomas as seen through the lens of the witches of Wicked Matthew Surrence 6/14/2010 Essay I, Matthew Surrence, the author, retain ownership of this material.
Compare and Contrast Essay of Poems, A Open Comparing and contrasting The Seven Ages of Man and I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud Celine Guess 4/25/2011 Essay A young visitor's English class assignment: a poetic analysis of two great poems. Atta way 'ta go, Celine! English 1B never had it done better. For tips on how to understand or analyze poems, check out The Muse Of Literature's feature called How To Approach A Poem
Dance of the Lyre Open Passion, persistence and procrastination from a writer's perspective. Ross Parsons 6/3/2011 Essay An Australian visitor ponders his reasons for becoming a writer and examines the lifelong consequences of his decision. A sensitive and thoughtful examination. For more reasons to write, visit The Muse Of Language Arts feature Why Write?
Gridiron Greenhorn Open A visitor's experiences at the hands of his high school's football team. Kyle Muss 6/1/2011 Essay I initially was skeptical when my English teacher told us to write about a life changing experience, but I found that my entire high school career hinged on a decision I made back in 8th grade.
Impact of Time and Space on Student Behavior, The Open Classroom management Abdelouahed Oulgout 12/8/2010 Essay This essay probes most of the factors that affect learning inside the classroom.
Importance of Morality and Conformity to the American Dream, The Open An analysis on the centrality of morality and conformity in the American Dream Nahel Kapadia 12/14/2010 Essay
Is There Really Such a Thing as Writing Right? Open Theory of writing and language ETAF Staff 1/1/2008 Essay
Life on other Planets Open Aliens Taylor McQuarrie 11/10/2011 Essay A work written for Taylor's English class.
Look at Two Kinds, A Open An analysis of the short story by Amy Tan titled Two Kinds. Kevin Caravaggio 11/8/2011 An essay that analyzes the Amy Tan story from a literary point of view. The Tan story is frequently included in high school courses on Elements of English Literature. This literary analysis considers it from the point of view of setting, irony, characterization, and symbolism.
Love, Come and Gone and Back Again Open A life low that led to a high love Toni Garcia 8/8/2011 Non-fiction creative narrative. (Biographical short story.) A visitor's account of how she found love.
Menace of Drugs, The Open Misuse of drugs Hajrah Ijaz 10/7/2011 Essay About the menace of drugs.
Neo-Postmodernism Open Art history Tilman Otto Wagner 11/20/2011 Essay Claimed by author to be the "most avantgarde essay on art history on the Internet."
Persistence of Myth, The: Mythic Sources and Evolution of the Character of Guinevere in Arthurian Tradition Open Legend and mythology K. F. Alper 1/1/1996 Master's thesis
Protecting Adolescents from Marijuana Open How and why teenagers use marijuana; how this may be prevented. Kevin Caravaggio 6/7/2011 Research synthesis Do you want to know how many teens smoke marijuana? Do you want to know how this country can stop substance abuse among students? This visitor's essay offers answers to questions like these.
Racial Reading of Frankenstein Open Frankenstein (the novel by Mary Shelley) and its relation to imperialist views of the racial "other." Asma Jarad 1/3/2012 Essay An authoritative essay of a scholarly nature. Well worth reading, especially if you're into the Franenstein mythos or racial bias.
Required Perfections Open A short review of the media and how they affect body image in teenage girls. Sophia Thomas 12/12/2011 Essay
Similar Distinction Open An essay about poetry Kevin Caravaggio 4/23/2011 Essay Compares and contrasts two poems: My Papa's Waltz by Theodore Roethke and Fifteen by William Stafford.
The Truth about Spanking Open Highlights research to examine spanking as a form of discipline in America. Kevin Caravaggio 1/28/2012 Synthesis essay Explores spanking pros and cons and recommends an approach to take when deciding whether to spank. Cites a number of other works with information on this subject.

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