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Send Electricka your Tops & Flops List, one list per form.

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Select only one muse. For example, if your list is about music, select the Muse Of Music.

If the category, subject, or theme of your list is about more than one muse, select Electricka. Why? Because Electricka is the Muse of all the muses.

For example, if the theme of your list is about music based on Shakespeare's plays, your subject is about music and literature combined. In that case, select Electricka.

*the Name Of Your List:     Describe (enter) the category, subject, or theme of your list in the box at the left. Make sure that your description is clear enough for other visitors to understand what your list is about. No more than 100 characters, please.
Entry Order:   Select the order in which you will list entries in the boxes that follow this one: Organized Random

Get ready to enter the items that in your opinion belong with (i.e., fit) the category, subject, or feature of this list.

If the order of these entries doesn't matter, leave the default set to "random."

If the order of these entries matters, click the "organized" button. Then decide on the ordering criterion. Examples:

  1. Best at the top

  2. Most at the top

  3. Earliest at the top

  4. Other criterion of your own choice.*

*NOTE: If order matters, explain your ordering criterion later in the box below marked "Explain the Reasons For Your Entries."

*Entry 1    

Place your list of entries in the boxes at the left, one per box, in the order you specified in the Entry Order box, above.

If entry order doesn't matter, place your entries in any order.

If entry order matters, describe the order later, in the Explain the Reasons For Your Entries box and/or the Comments box, and explain there why you chose this order.

Start entering list items at the top (Entry 1). Follow Entry 1 by Entry 2., etc. Leave no gaps between entry boxes. If there are fewer than 10 entries, leave boxes at the bottom of the list unused.

there is room for up to 10 entries. At least one entry is required. Each entry may contain up to 100 characters.

Entry 2    
Entry 3    
Entry 4    
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Entry 7    
Entry 8    
Entry 9    
Entry 10    
Explain the Reasons For Your Entries:    

Use this box to explain why you chose the preceding entries. For example, here you can describe what's good or bad about each entry or what you like or dislike about the group of entries as a whole.

If the order of the list of entries matters, describe the ordering criterion you used. If the list order doesn't matter, explain why order is not important.

Please limit your remarks to 1000 characters.


If further clarification is needed, please identify and describe the list entries you made above.

Comment on any aspect of your list you deem relevant.

Please limit comments to 1000 characters.

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Click SUBMIT. You'll see a Form Review page in a few seconds.

Electricka will send you email acknowledging receipt of this form. Electricka may contact you by email later if there are questions, comments, or requests.


Thanks for submitting this Tops & Flops list!

  • Starred items are required.
  • Electricka will acknowledge receipt of this form via email.
  • Allow three or more days for Electricka to process your form and post your list.
  • Visit the Tops & Flops feature periodically to see if your list has been published.
  • Electricka edits your form for clarity, completeness, accuracy, and propriety.
  • ETAF never sells or gives away your personal information.
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