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A point of view (POV) is a manner of consideration or appraisal, a standpoint. It’s an opinion, attitude, or judgment. It’s the mental position from which ideas, people, or other physical things are viewed. It’s the spatial or ideational property of the position from which something is observed.

In literature, a point of view is the mental position or attitude that a narrator takes about the story he’s telling. The tale being narrated can be fictional or nonfictional, but most often POV is a dominant factor in fictional novels, short stories, or other fictional tales.

I'm currently posting a series on the subject of literary points of view at Electricka's blogs. Come join me there. I'm up to Part 3 of what will become a six-part series, but you can start at Part 1 if you prefer.

Good Exploring! Good Writing! Good Reading!

(signed) The Muse Of Literature





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