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Welcome to the World of Creative Writing

In this feature, The Muse Of Language Arts explores the nature of creative writing and cites some of the reasons why writers of all types of literature should seek to write creatively. Along the way, The Muse defines and examines the creative writing process itself.

To accomplish this exploration, The Muse identifies and examines some of the creative writing techniques, resources, and methods that writers can call upon to help them become more creative, including inner personal resources they draw on.

The Muse also points out some of the most common misconceptions concerning the true nature of literary creativity, identifies the origins of these misconceptions, and repudiates them.

The issues explored here will assist professional, amateur, or would-be creative writers to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and to improve their craft. They also may encourage both wannabes and those who already write creatively to perfect their skills and to produce more and better creative literature.

Since readers are the consumers of creative writing, many of the issues explored in this feature also will be of interest to them, as well as to writers. Readers who understand the true nature of creativity are better positioned to look for and find it in the writing they peruse. Readers who are more sensitive and attuned to the subject have more motivation to look for these qualities in writers and value their contributions.

Understanding literary creativity will deepen everyone's insight into of the nature of creative writing and the creative writing process. Armed with this knowledge, serious and casual readers and writers will be better able to interpret and comprehend the creative literature they read and to assess and appreciate the creative spirit behind it. It will make reading and writing more rewarding.

Good Exploring! Good Creating! Good Writing! Good Reading!

The Muse Of Language Arts







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