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Effective immediately, Electricka has transferred the bulk of her new feature and product announcements, current news, and online help to her page at Facebook. Your best bet for receiving future Electricka updates is to look for them there.

How To Reach Electricka's Facebook Page

  • Click the Facebook icon below.

  • Or, "Search" for "Electricka.com" at your Facebook page.

How To Receive Future Updates

Once you're at Electricka's Facebook page, click "Like." Thereafter, without delay you'll automatically receive future postings or announcements from Electricka or her other visitors as soon as they're published. Feel free to post your own messages for Electricka and others to see.

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Newsletters have been discontinued, but Electricka continues to operate her Email Center service for special and ad hoc announcements.

  • If you're not already a member of Electricka's Email Center, Electricka invites you to sign up now.
  • If you're already a user, Electricka will automatically maintain your membership in good standing.
  • The Muses will hate to lose you, but if you prefer, visit Manage Your Account to cancel your membership.


about electricka's email center

Electricka's Email Center is the place where you get in on the email action. Here you subscribe to Electricka's e-mailings, unsubscribe, manage your email subscriptions so that they're tailor-made to your preferences, and do much more.

Sign up here to receive your e-mailings from Electricka!...Your communication with Electricka is immeasurably enhanced when you do.


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If you're already signed up for email service, you can mange your accounts:

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