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Electricka's Guide to navigation

This Guide explains the methods and techniques for navigation at this site.

about navigation and the guide to navigation

Navigation is the way you get from one page at Electricka's web site to another.

The Navigation Guide is the collection of pages at Electricka's web site that describe and explain how to navigate.

About navigation Tools

Navigation at Electricka's web site is accomplished by means of navigation toolsaids to navigation such as hyperlinks or menus.

Navigation tools help you determine what information is available on Electricka's pages. They help you decide what information you want to see, determine the location of that information, and quickly and easily visit (open) the page where it is located. In short, a navigation tool is a feature of Electricka's web site, a facility that helps you decide where you want to go and how to get there.

There are a variety of different kinds of tools. You use them as you would any other kind of tool, by selecting the right tool for the job at hand and applying it as appropriate for the job and the tool. That is why a navigation tool is most effective when you know what it does, how to operate it, and how to get the most benefit from it.

You will probably recognize many of Electricka's navigation tools on sight because they are typical of those you have used at other web sites. However, Electricka uses some tools in special ways. It pays to acquaint yourself with these tools if you are not already familiar with them.

Electricka's navigation tools are each described on a page in The Guide To Navigation. Check the menu at the right side of this page for a list.

about alerts

An Alert is a particular kind of navigation tool. The colored boxes above and below are examples of alerts:

There are a number of different kinds of alerts, all of which are explained on the Alerts page in this guide. (To read about Alerts, click the word Alerts in the menu at the right side of this page).

Alerts about navigation are a particular kind of Alert, a navigation tool that is intended to help you find your way around by supplementing and complementing the information provided in the Guide.

Navigations tips are scattered throughout the pages of the Guide and throughout all other pages at Electricka's web site where they are needed, at the point on a page adjacent to the material they relate to.

navigation Guide versions

Electricka's Guide To Navigation is available in two versions—interactive and print.

about the Interactive Version

  • On the Top Menu: Click Navigation Guide on the submenu that opens when you click Fast Find. The Guide To Navigation page (the page you are now looking at) opens.
  • Once at this page, for more information on a particular tool, click the name of the tool in the menu at the right side of this page. Another page opens that explains the tool.
  • You have the option to print the page or pages for that tool.

about the Print VersionA printable compilation of all the online pages in the Online Version reorganized into into a continuous (one-page) format

  • Open any page in the online version of the Guide.
  • To open the Print Version, click the text Guide To Navigation - Print Version in the menu at the right side of the open page. The Print Version will open.
  • Print the Guide in its entirety.

interactive and print versions compared

  • The two versions contain essentially the same information but each is organized and accessed differently.
  • Use either version as convenient:
    • Interactive version—Displays one tool on a page. Multiple pages can be open at one time. Hyperlinks are active and link to intractive Guide pages. Print one tool at a time.
    • Print version—Describes all tools on a single page. Can be used online or off-line. Hyperlinks are active online and link to interactive Guide pages. Hyperlinks are inactive when printed. Print entire Guide as one page.

See the print version for more information on the differences between the online version and the print version.

  • Visit the Print Version of Electricka's Guide To Navigation:




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