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Each muse has an associated menu that contains links to pages that the muse "owns;" that is, to pages that are associated with that muse.  (Note: Not every page owned by a muse will appear on the muse's menu).

For example, The Muse of Music has a menu that contains pages about music. No other muse contains these pages.

This kind of menu is called a muse menu. Here we explain how to locate and utilize muse menus.

about Signature Images

Just as a specific and unique muse menu is associated with a given muse, so too is a unique signature image associated with that muse. Electricka has her own specific image, as does each of her muse cohorts.

Look for the signature image for a muse in the upper left portion of each page belonging to (associated with) that muse. By way of example, the signature image for Electricka appears on this page in the upper left corner.

Every one of the pages that Electricka owns bears her signature image. Likewise, every one of the pages that each of her muse cohorts owns bears that muse's signature image. When you open a new page, this fact helps you identify which muse you are visiting and where you are within this site.

About muse menus

A muse's menu is unique and specific to that muse because the links on that menu are unique and specific to that muse; no other muse contains them. For example, the pages that appear on The Muse Of Music's muse menu never appear on another muse's menu, even on Electricka's menu.

A muse menu is invisible until the cursor hovers over the muse's signature image. When the cursor hovers, the muse menu appears superimposed over the muse's signature image, at or near the bottom of the image.

The advantage of making the muse menu invisible until the cursor hovers over the image? The menu doesn't distract or block your view of the page until you need to see it.


Where is the muse menu on the home page?

There is no muse menu on the home page. Look for a muse menu on virtually every other page at this site.

how to Locate and use a muse menu

Open any page owned by the muse you are interested in:

  • Roll the mouse pointer over the image and pause (hover). The hidden menu will appear.
  • The menu will display links to pages owned by that muse, and no other.
  • Click a link to visit a named page.
  • Muse menus are dropdown menus. Links are arranged hierarchically. When you click a list item, a new list may drop down, revealing a submenu.

If you are not already on one of the pages that belongs the muse you are interested in, start by opening the muse's home page:

  • Click the Muses menu on the Top Menu. The Muse Menu will drop down to reveal a list of the names of each of the muses.
  • Click the name of the muse you are interested in. The muse's home page will open.
  • Follow the directions for opening the muse's menu, above.






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