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Some pages at this site display menus at the bottom the page. These menus are called bottom menus simply because they are located near the thin bar that runs from the left side to the right side across the bottom of most pages. This bar is the horizontal bar that divides the body of the page from its footer.

About Bottom menus

There are two kinds of bottom menus:

  • Back/Next—These bottom menus take you forward or backward between one page and the next in an ordered series of adjacent pages that are closely related to each other. If present, Back/Next menus are located above the horizontal bar.
  • Navigation Structure—These bottom menus take you directly between pages that are members of a hierarchically related navigation structure regardless of whether they are adjacent to each other. If present, Navigation Structure menus are located below the horizontal bar.


bottom menus

Many pages at this site do not contain a bottom menu of any kind. They only appear when needed.


Bottom menus:

  • Make it easier to identify and navigate between separate pages that contain similar subject matter.
  • Give you a handy way to refer back and forth between a page you're on and another page—for example, if you are filling out a form and the instructions you need are on the other page.


Back/Next—To use a Back/Next bottom menu, simply click the words NEXT or BACK. The next/previous page in the ordered sequence of pages will appear.

Navigation Structure—To use a Navigation Structure menu, simply click the name of the page you want to visit regardless of its place in the sequence. The page will open.


getting around the navigation guide with bottom menus


  • The menus near the bottom of this page are examples of the two kinds of bottom menus. Use the Back/Next menus to navigate from one page of the Guide to the next. Use the Navigation Structure menus to jump from one page of the Guide to the next without regard to a page's location in the sequence.

  • In the Navigation Guide, Next/Back pages and Navigation Structure pages are in the same sequence. This is not always the case for other menus on other pages.

about pages with Next/back menus

Back/Next bottom menus may appear on any series of ordered, adjacent pages located anywhere at Electricka's web site:

  • Most pages are not part of an ordered series of adjacent pages and, therefore, do not contain Back/Next menus.
  • Many pages that are part of an ordered series do not display a Next/Back menu.

about pages with navigation structure menus

Usually, a page that contains a Navigation Structure menu is high in the hierarchy of pages at Electricka's web site, logically speaking. If a page does not contain a bottom menu, it is a sign that the page is low in the global hierarchy.


getting your bearings


  • If you become lost as to your whereabouts at this site, check for a bottom menu. Many contain a link to the Home Page.

  • Seeing a bottom menu is a sign that you may be on a page that is high in the global hierarchy of pages at Electricka's web site. This fact may help you gauge your place in the site.





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