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Automated tables are tables at Electricka's web site that contain information in list or table-entry form that you can process with the aid of your computer. Using commands you specify, your computer will perform searches, look for keywords, sort or print search results, and manipulate table contents in other ways.

Automated Tables allow you to automatically search for and explore the arts-related subject matter stored in Electricka's databases. Each table contains information about some aspect of an art sponsored by a muse. With the aid of these tables, you can conveniently and quickly find and inspect arts-related content for occurrences of key words you supply that represent and express your aesthetic interests.

Automated Tables are excellent tools for finding just the concisely-described arts facts and data you want to see. Look up music or literary terms, explore the history of recording in event-by-event format, find names and dates of artists and arts movements, check on current and past Academy Awards winners—Automated Tables cover many aspects of each of the arts sponsored by Electricka and her muses.

Exploring the arts couldn't be easier, faster, or more natural.

Table types

There are two types of automated tables:

  • Tables-of-contents that list documents, pages, or features at Electricka's web site that you may want to visit because they are relevant to your subject matter interests.

You can search this kind of table to find the documents, pages, or features at Electricka's web site that are relevant to your interests. Once you decide on the material or pages you want to see, you can click a link and the destination page will open.

  • Tables that contain information about specific arts-related subjects such as literary terms, Latinisms, portmanteau words, artists, or arts movements.

You can search this kind of table to find specific arts-related information that's relevant to your subject matter interests. This information may fully satisfy your need for information. If you seek additional documents, pages, or features at Electricka's web site or at other web sites that are relevant to your search, links to these pages are provided as appropriate.

Using automated tables

Automatically search entries in tables. Select, sort, and otherwise organize search results on your monitor screen; optionally arrange and print what you see. As appropriate, link directly from the arts information you find in a table to related pages at Electricka's web site or at other web sites.

A good way to understand the general nature and purpose of automated tables is to view a few of them.

  • Visit the page called Automated Tables for a list of tables and links to specific tables: click here.




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