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the ETAF-Amazon association



Now, through the ETAF-Amazon Association you can easily and economically acquire quality books, music, movies, posters, reproductions, and other fine arts resources and add them to your personal collection. That's its symbol at the right.

The assembly of books, audio CDs, DVDs, musical instruments, and the huge selection of other arts-related and non-arts-related products that you can obtain through this Association is called the ETAF-Amazon Association.

Thanks to the Association, any product or service that is available from Amazon is available to you through Electricka.

about the ETAF-Amazon Association

At ETAF, our goal is to bring the arts to you and you to the arts. We believe that anything that facilitates this process helps the arts. The ETAF-Amazon Association is one of these facilitators.

To further our goals, ETAF has established an affiliation with Amazon, the giant online retailer, which Electricka calls the ETAF-Amazon Association. This association brings benefits to Electricka and her visitors which also help the arts.

The assembly of goods and services that you can obtain through this affiliation consists of books, audio CDs, DVDs, videos, art supplies, art works, musical instruments, and other arts-related materials. It also consists of Amazon's huge selection of non-arts-related goods and services.


about the ETAF-Amazon collection and its benefits

ETAF recommends many different kinds of arts-related goods and services to Electricka's visitors. Some can be acquired from Amazon, others cannot. The ETAF-Amazon Collection consists of the entire subset of arts-related goods and services that are recommended to visitors by ETAF and that are also available for acquisition from Amazon.

Amazon also sells many non-arts-related goods and services. These also are available to Electricka's visitors through the ETAF-Amazon Association. So you gain no matter what you buy.

Your purchases bring important benefits to you, to the arts, and to ETAF; and buying anything through the Association is easy. You only have to click the Amazon ads you see at Electricka's web site.

More About These Benefits

how to buy through the ETAF-Amazon associationelectricka's eTAF-Amazon ads

You buy through the ETAF-Amazon Association by using the Amazon ads you see posted on pages at Electricka's web site. These clicks allow you to reach Amazon's web site where you shop for Amazon products and services.

You can see an ETAF-Amazon Association ad in the right column of this page, the one marked AMAZON SHOP.CONNECT.ENJOY. You can see another type of ETAF-Amazon ad at the top of this page. Also look for other types of ads in the right columns and at the bottoms of other Electricka pages.

Here's what to do when you want to shop at Amazon's web site.


tips for savvy buyers

Follow these guidelines to get the most for yourself, for Electricka and the Association, and for the arts.


product & service feedback

Have you made purchases though the ETAF-Amazon Association? Please let us know what you think of buying products through this service.


about ETAF

Not sure who ETAF is?

  • For information about ETAF and who we are: click here.

Thanks for your support!




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