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No-Cost downloads from Electricka

Electricka and ETAF are pleased to offer you a selection of no-cost arts-related software you can download and run on your home or laptop computer or other devices. Among these items are writing aids, reference works, documents, white papers, slide shows, and programs. Come and get 'em!

The table below lists the names of no-cost arts-related items you can download. Click the name of an item to learn more about it and to download.






No-Cost Downloads

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Item Name


Proofreaders' Marks A list of standard symbols used by editors to mark documents with their changes or corrections. Use it to edit a document or to decipher documents edited by others.
How to Write Right Improve the style, accuracy, effectiveness, and impact of your writing. Write correct, well-styled English, English that conforms to accepted standards. How to Write Right—The Writing Right White Paper© explains how to do these things with the help of ETAF's Writing Right©. Writing Right, your personal writing assistant, is ebook software for your computer or electronic device that makes it easier for you to catch and correct all sorts of writing mistakes and to improve the style of what you write or edit.
Muse Emblems A slideshow depicting the emblems of Electricka and her cohort muses. Display Muse Emblems on your computer in a variety of styles, including screensaver, browser, or as a standalone app.
Publish Your Essay A collection of expository prose, non-fiction works that you can download or read online.

Among the different kinds of non-fiction literary forms are theses and dissertations, newspaper & magazine articles, reports, journal articles & papers, editorial, travelogues, stories, white papers, essays, biographies, historical accounts, user manuals, diaries, and many, many more. If interested, you may submit original works of your own for publication.

The Greek Alphabet A table showing the capital and lowercase letters of the modern and classical Greek alphabet. You may want to explore the Greek alphabet if you are a member or a fraternity or sorority, planning to travel in Greece, or studying the Greek language. If you are studying astronomy, physics, math, or engineering, you probably will want to learn this alphabet by heart and later to refresh your memory by accessing it again.
The English Alphabet A table showing the capital and lowercase letters of the modern English alphabet. If you went to an American or English school or studied and mastered English as a second language, the English alphabet is the alphabet you learned; you probably know it like the back of your hand. But if English is a second language, keep this alphabet close; it's a handy reference.
The Poetry Corner

Poetry selections written by masters, connoisseurs, professionals, amateurs, aspiring artists, and original poems written by Electricka's visitors. If interested, you may submit original poems of your own for publication.

About No-Cost downloads

These arts-related items have been especially designed or chosen to meet the needs and interests of Electricka's visitors.

  • Some items originate with other sources and ETAF has made it possible for you to download them from this site.
  • All items come in the form of files that may be downloaded from this site.
  • ETAF believes that these no-cost downloads are easy to download, learn, and use, and that these items work well on most Windows-based desktop and laptop computers.
  • Sorry, since we offer these programs at no cost, we are unable to provide technical support, help you with downloading, or advise you about their use.
  • For help with downloads created by sources other than ETAF, try contacting the source.


ETAF strives to improve its no-cost downloads and to offer new no-cost downloads that fit the needs and wants of its visitors. Already have an Electricka no-cost download? Please let us know what you think of it.


more no-cost downloads on the way

This list of no-cost downloads is growing. Return here to see additions.

about downloading & Viewing files

Electricka's page called About Downloading & Viewing explains what you should know about downloading files and viewing the files you have downloaded.

  • Visit Electricka's page called About Downloading & Viewing: click here.

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