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Welcome to Publish Your Essay—Read essays and other kinds of expository prose works authored by electricka's visitors... or publish your own works here


The Muse Of Language Arts welcomes you to this feature, the place at Electricka's web site where you can read expository prose works written by visitors and where you can publish your own work. You can read these works in your browser and save them to virtually any brand of desktop computer, smart phone, pad, or any other electronic device that supports Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) document files (file extension .pdf).


read or download nonfiction Expository prose works by Electricka's visitors now

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about this collection

Publish Your Essay is a collection of non-fiction, expository prose works written and published by visitors to Electricka's web site by people around the world. They address a wide variety of subjects that are relevant and interesting to many people residing in cultures and lands everywhere.

But don't let the title of this feature mislead you. Despite the word essay in the title, many other kinds of documents and writing styles are held in the collection. The title Publish Your Essay is merely a convenience. Essays aren't the only kinds of writing you'll find here.

Other kinds of documents and writing types in the collection include dissertations, newspaper & magazine articles, reports, journal articles & papers, editorials, travelogues, stories, white papers, biographies, historical accounts, user manuals, diaries, and many, many more.

What do the works in this collection have in common? No matter by how much the individual works in the collection may differ from one another in purpose, style, content, subject matter, layout, appearance, or other qualities, they all share one feature in common: they're all written and composed in nonfiction expository English prose.

  • What is expository English prose writing? Find out at The Muse Of Language Arts page called Welcome To The World Of Expository Writing: click here.

All the compositions in the collection are written in expository English prose, but that fact places few if any limits on their scope, power, or effectiveness as vehicles for information transfer. In fact, when skillfully employed, expository prose writing can actually increase a writer's possibilities for achieving scope, power, and information transfer compared with other types of writing.


how to find and Read works in the collection

All of the works in the Publish Your Essay collection are listed in an automated Table Of Contents (TOC). Finding works in the TOC that you can read or download is a simple, two-step process:

  1. Access (open) the TOC: click here.
  2. Click the word OPEN next to the title of a document you want to read. The document will open in your browser.

The TOC works like the table of contents in a book. To find documents in the TOC that are relevant to your interests, visually scan the list of items or use the TOC's automatic features to perform keyword searches.

You can also use the TOC to sort entries, print, and perform other functions that will assist you in finding the documents you want to see faster and easier.

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Publish your original nonfiction expository Prose work

Have you previously written a nonfiction expository prose work that could be published here? Want to write one especially for publication in these pages? The Muse Of Language Arts invites to submit your non-fiction expository prose work for publication.

It's edifying:

Your work doesn't have to be a masterpiece. You don't have to be a professional writer or be previously published and you don't have to have studied writing. You're work doesn't even have to be an essay; it can be written in any writing style on any subject or field of endeavor. So long as it's expository prose, it's welcome. You may even submit a work for publication on someone else's behalf (with their permission, of course).

Think of the satisfaction and notoriety you'll have when you see your original expository prose work published at Electricka's web site! Use this vehicle to get your message across or to help others. Think of the impact on your audience audience and the exposure your work will have after it's published!

Join the ranks of the likes of Charles Lamb, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Thomas Carlyle, and thousands of others who have written and published their original prose non-fiction works. Whatever your motivation, whatever the type of expository prose you've written, publish it here.

It's easy:

Submitting your work for publication is a simple two-step process:

  1. Read the publishing guidelines for Publish Your Essay.
  2. Submit your finished work by filling out a form.

publish your Expository Prose work

  • Read the publishing guidelines now: click here.

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Good writing! Good Reading!

learn how to write essays and Expository Prose

All the works in the collection published here are written with a writing style called expository prose.

The sole function of expository prose is to describe, expose, explain, define, and disseminate objective or subjective factual information—to bring accurate and correct knowledge to light. It's a mode for writing prose that authors employ when their primary objective is to inform, explain, describe, or define a single subject to a reader.

Expository prose writing is a linguistic discipline that plays a key role in social, personal, business, private, and scientific affairs; it pervades virtually all aspects of professional and everyday life. Regardless of nationality or language, almost everyone who has learned how to read or write regularly reads or writes expository prose; it's universal.

Why is it one of the most important kinds of writing there is? How did the expository prose writing style come to be? What is the nature of expository prose and how can you become better at writing or reading it?

  • Find out now. Visit the Muse Of Language Arts feature titled Welcome to Expository Prose Writing: click here.

Explore the literary form of expository writing and the essay

The Muse's feature Publish Your Essay is the feature you're now visiting.

Essays and all the other works you find here belong to a literary sub-form and a style of writing known as expository prose.

Want to explore the formal literary characteristics of the essay? Want to explore the form of expository prose writing and of other kinds of expository works?

  • Visit The Muse Of Literature's feature titled Expository Prose And The Essay: click here.

For your additional reading and writing pleasure...

...why read?

Why Read?

Why Read? is the title of an essay that charts the adventures of a chronic reader who has spent a lifetime enthusiastically reading and experiencing its rewards and disappointments. The Muse Of Literature devotes an entire feature to this important subject.

  • Read the essay Why Read? written by a member of Electricka's Staff. Visit the feature titled Why Read? now: click here.

To help uncover some of the reasons for why people do and should write, The Muse Of Language Arts has extended a permanent invitation to visitors to Electricka's web site to publish their original essays on this subject.

  • Explore the subject of why people read at The Muse Of Language Arts feature titled Why Read?: click here.
  • Read original visitor essays on the subject why read. Look for them in the Publish Your Essay Table Of Contents: click here.
  • Submit your original essay on the subject of why people write for publication in the Publish Your Essay feature: click here.

...why write?

Why Write?

To help uncover some of the reasons for why people do and should write, The Muse Of Language Arts has extended a permanent invitation to visitors to Electricka's web site to publish their original essays on this subject.

  • Explore the subject of why people write at The Muse Of Language Arts feature titled Why Write? now: click here.
  • Read original visitor essays on the subject why write. Look for them in the Publish Your Essay Table Of Contents: click here.
  • Submit your original essay on the subject of why people write for publication in the Publish Your Essay feature: click here.

Aids For readers

At Aids For Readers, The Muse Of Literature identifies a number of features at Electricka's web site that can assist you while you're reading; and it provides links that make it easy to access them. The features listed in Aids For Readers function in a manner that's analogous to the way reference works assist readers in libraries.

For example, The Muse Of Language Arts feature titled Latin Terms is a searchable and sortable table containing hundreds of definitions of Latin words, phrases, quotations, and abbreviations. Use it to look up the meaning of unfamiliar Latin terms you may encounter while reading. Proofreaders' Marks is another feature listed in Aids For Readers. Use it to interpret the proofreaders marks editors use to mark up and correct documents.

writing aids for writers and authors

The Muses are pleased to offer writers and authors a list of writing aid they can use at Electricka's web site. Some items on the list serve as references; they are information sources for writers of all kinds that may assist them while they are writing. Other items may help writers hone and polish their skills.

  • Access these aids at the page titled Writing Aids For Writers And Authors: click here.

writing right and the writing right users page

Writing Right© is an ETAF app product that makes it easier to catch and correct all sorts of writing mistakes and to improve style while you are writing or editing. If you are interested in facilitating or improving your own writing or that of others, you may benefit from exploring what Writing Right can do for you.

  • Explore Writing Right. Visit Electricka's page called Writing Right Product Description: click here.

The Writing Right User's page is the place at Electricka's web site dedicated to serving those who use Writing Right as their personal writing assistant.

  • If you are interested in the writer's craft or are considering acquiring Writing Write to assist you with your writing, you may wish to explore what the Writing Right Users page can do for you. Owners or users should not miss this opportunity.
  • Visit The Muse Of Language Arts page called the Writing Right Users page: click here.

professional writing and documentation services

Want topflight professional writing or documentation services at a reasonable cost?

ETAF Recommends

Here are some famous essays on the subjects Why Write? and Why Read? written by thinkers and writers, past and present. See what others have had to say on these subjects.


ETAF recommends Writing Right.

Writing Right is an ETAF app product that makes it easy to catch and correct all sorts of writing mistakes. Fix them while you are writing or editing. It also helps you to a better writing style.

The Writing Right White Paper is a free white paper that explains the theory behind Writing Right.



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