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ETAF does its level best to protect the privacy, security, and proprietary rights of visitors to Electricka's web site. We strive to make our reporting as accurate as possible.

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These policies apply universally at this web site except where noted.


*policies affecting publications by visitors

Policies marked with an asterisk will be of special interest to visitors who submit Arts Information, ByLines, or other items for publication.

additional policies

The policies shown in the section of Electricka's web site that you are now visiting are blanket policies that apply universally to all pages in this web site. Policies that apply to specific issues other than those described in this section appear selectively on pages throughout Electricka's web site, as appropriate.


additional policies

Policies that apply to specific issues other than those shown in this section appear on other pages of this web site in green boxes like the one you are now reading.

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