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PoliciesProprietary Rights

This page explains the policies and procedures that apply to and govern visitors when they submit information, documents, files, and other materials for publication this web site.


When publishing original creative materials at this web site, ETAF and DCI respect and honor the rights of those who hold copyrights on published or private materials or who possess legal rights to the use of designated proprietary information. Such copyright and proprietary holders may not be affiliated with us; they may be visitors like yourself; or they may be third parties.

When publishing an original work submitted to us by a visitor, we acknowledge the provenance of the work, unless the creator of the work prefers to remain anonymous.

tacit Agreement—submitters please take note

Electricka and DCI cannot and do not assume any responsibility for protecting proprietary publication rights for materials visitors submit for publication.


tacit Agreement

By the act of submitting materials for publication at this web site, you tacitly agree that: 1) you have certain knowledge that these materials are in the public domain, or 2) you have or own exclusive publication rights to this material or share rights with others who grant you permission to publish.

  • Do not submit materials for publication by Electricka unless you agree to the above statement.

  • If you tacitly assert that materials you submit for publication are in the public domain, you are solely responsible for the correctness of your assertion.

  • If you tacitly claim to have or own publication rights to the materials you submit for publication, you are solely responsible for protecting these rights.

payment or other reimbursement for visitor submissions and publications

Visitor submissions of works or information for publication at this web site are entirely voluntary. Unless specifically noted in each case, ETAF and DCI do not and will not pay visitors fees or give any other kind of remuneration when they submit works or information for publication.

Third party copyright violations

Visitors who submit works or other information for publication agree to hold ETAF, DCI, and their agents exempt from claims or legal actions resulting from the violation of copyright by visitors to this web site or other third parties, now or in the future.

protection from third-party violations to materials you submit for publication

Some computer programs give certain individuals the ability to grant or deny to third parties the right to open, display, download, save, copy, duplicate, print, publish, distribute, and/or modify files with their computers, or otherwise modify or manipulate automated documents, computer files, or other automated materials. If rights to these automated materials are denied, the automated materials themselves prevent third parties who open, attempt to open, or attempt to change them from performing any of the functions that are disallowed.

When such grants or denials are built into an automated document, computer file, or other automated material, they are sometimes called permissions. Permissions allowed or disallowed to third parties by such materials may be granted or disallowed by individuals who have the right to do so.

ETAF and DCI never grant, add, modify, deny, or remove permissions given to materials submitted by visitors for publication. They never change a visitor's ability to open, print, copy, publish, distribute, or otherwise modify or manipulate materials submitted by other visitors.

Visitors who submit materials for publication are solely responsible for granting or denying such computer program permissions to third parties. With the possible exception of unforeseen technical glitches, visitors to this web site are able to open, print, copy, publish, distribute, or otherwise modify published materials unless visitors who submit these materials have specified otherwise.


permissions policy

If you submit automated documents, computer files, or other automated materials for publication at this web site, ETAF and DCI offer you the option to specify the permissions of your choice for the materials you submit.

ETAF and DCI never deliberately assign or modify the permissions you specify.

You are fully responsible for specifying permissions within automated documents, computer files, or other automated materials when you submit materials for publication at this web site.

If you do not specify permissions, you stand the chance that your submission will be published without the proprietary protections you desire.

NOTE: Whether or not you specify permissions for automated documents, computer files, or other automated materials, you are free to take the actions to protect your proprietary rights that are described on this page. Electricka encourages you to do so.

Presumptive and explicit publication and Proprietary Rights governing visitor submissions

ETAF and DCI follow the following policies and practices regarding visitor submissions. All these policies and practices apply to each and every item submitted for publication by a visitor unless otherwise stated for that specific item:

By submitting works or information of any kind for publication, whether textual, pictorial, or in other medium, you automatically agree to abide by all of the policies of this web site. By the act of submission, you automatically:

  • Give (and agree to give) ETAF and DCI the right to publish your submission.
  • Attest that, to the best of your knowledge, the work or information you submit:
  1. Is in the public domain or you own or share publication rights.

  2. Is correct and accurate.
  3. Is not libelous.

  • Your submission must be original or it must give proper, legal credit to material whose right to publish owned by others.

  • If you claim that permission to publish has been granted by others who own publication rights, you must be willing to furnish such permission in writing to ETAF or DCI if requested.
  • If you have collaborators or are submitting material protected by other parties, you are responsible for obtaining permission from them to publish your work or other information.
  • In some cases, we may ask that you \allege in writing that he has sure and certain knowledge that the information he is sending for publication is free of copyright protection and/or that it is not proprietary.
  • If information or a created work supplied by (submitted for publication by) a visitor is copied or reproduced by a third party without permission, ETAF and DCI are not responsible (liable).
  • You agree that you, not ETAF, DCI, or their agents, are solely responsible for the content, accuracy, and copyright protection of any material you submit.

More at this web site about visitor submissions

See these additional ETAF and DCI policies pertaining to publication rights and obligations:

ETAF recommends

Stanford Law Professor Lawrence Lessig has written a new book on the subject of copyright law entitled, Free Culture. We paraphrase the author's statement of the book's thesis as follows:

New technologies always lead to new laws, but never have cultural monopolists used the fear created by new technologies, specifically the Internet, to shrink the public domain of ideas. As more and more culture becomes digitized, more and more becomes controllable, even as laws are being toughened. What's at stake is our freedom--freedom to create, freedom to build, and ultimately, freedom to imagine.

  • Obtain a no-charge downloadable version of Professor Lessig's new book, Free Culture: click here.



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