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The purpose of Electricka's Privacy Policy is to protect your Personal Private Information (PPI). It can be summed up in these two points:

  1. ETAF never sells or gives away a visitor's real name, email address, or other information that can personally identify you to anyone or any agency.
  2. ETAF does not collect, distribute, or sell personal information about visitors to Electricka's web site.

Disclosure of personal information

Personal information is information about a visitor's identity or other individual distinguishing characteristics. ETAF bends over backward to protect unwarranted disclosure of personal information.

There are four areas in which personal information is handled at this web site. Specific practices in each area vary in each area because the privacy issues that arise in each area are specific to the area.

The four areas are:

  • Email Correspondence.
  • Publication.
  • Treatment of Groups.
  • Intrusion.

Each of these areas is discussed separately, below.

email correspondence

  • When corresponding with ETAF, a visitor may use an alias name instead of a real name, at the discretion of the individual.
  • A visitor is never required to supply a real name or an email address unless a real name or address is essential for the prosecution of the business at hand.
  • When a visitor sends ETAF email, such as a form containing the visitor's name, email address, or other personal information (for example, a form asking to put a visitor on one of Electricka's distribution lists in Electricka's Email Center, the form itself always gives the visitor the option not to provide the information unless the form would be useless without it. If a name is required, it can be an alias unless a real name is essential for the prosecution of the business at hand.
  • If a visitor chooses not to provide information that is required on a form, thus rendering the form useless, ETAF will discard the form when received.


  • A visitor always has the option to remain anonymous {Ref.}.
  • If a visitor chooses to supply a real name or an email address, it is never published unless the visitor specifically requests it.
  • The real name and email address of an individual are never published together.
  • An visitor's email address will not be published if it contains the real name or part of the real name of an individual.
  • In some cases, such as a ByLine Piece, an E-mail to the Editor,  or an Arts Information Feature such as Electricka's Resource Shelf, a visitor has the option to publish his name and/or email address along with his submission. In such cases, he has the option to request that ETAF publish his name and/or contact information, or the option to request that ETAF withhold this information. The default is not to publish. That is, if a visitor wants either/both these information items to be published, he must specifically authorize ETAF to do so each time he makes a submission. Without a visitor's specific authorization, ETAF will not publish a visitor's personal data.
  • ETAF may publish the results of an opinion poll or preference survey that has been submitted by an individual for publication, but never identifies the individual when doing so unless specifically requested by the individual to do so.


  • ETAF may publish statistical information extracted from individual visitor submissions, such as the percentage results of an opinion poll or preference survey of a group of individuals, but never identifies the individuals who submitted the information.


  • ETAF never sends unsolicited mail. A visitor must "opt in" to an email mailing list or request return mail if you wish to receive email from us.
  • Once a visitor "opts in" to an ETAF email routing list, he has the option to opt out at any time.

Use of and access to web site services

By registering to use these any services at Electricka's web site, you agree to meet the criteria cited below and agree to abide by all of the rules and policies you find there. ETAF, DCI, Electricka's web site, or their agents:

  • Have the right to reveal whatever information they know about you in the event of a complaint or legal action arises from any information you provide.
  • Have the right to delete (remove) from this web site any information your provide for any reason or for no reason whatsoever.



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