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electricka's resource shelf

Electricka is pleased to offer her visitors a comprehensive list of arts-related resources and reviews called Electricka's Resource Shelf. On these pages, she explains the Shelf, how to use it, and how to get the most from it.

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about Electricka's Resource Shelf

As Electricka uses the term, arts resources are resources like those you find at stores, libraries, or web sites; they range from books to broadcasting stations, from concert halls to museums, from recordings to repositories.

Electricka's Resource Shelf is a 21st century electronic search tool for discovering and locating arts resources. The Shelf helps you select just the resources you want to access—those that are related to your specific arts interestsand to reach them.

The Shelf contains two sections:

  1. The Catalog
  2. Resource Reviews

When a resource is a web site or is located at a web site, the Shelf gives you the links you need to reach it—on the spot and without delay. But don't confuse the Shelf with a simple list of off-site links such as those found at many web sites; and don't confuse it with online library card catalogs or bookstore inventory databases. It's like nothing else you may have seen.

Information contained on the Shelf is supplied by Electricka's visitors and ETAF Staff.

How it works—summary

The Shelf contains two sections: 1) the Catalog, and 2) the Reviews. No special knowledge is required to use either section. Each section is simple to use:


the Shelf in depth

Most visitors familiar with off-site links and search tables at other web sites have little or no trouble using the Shelf. However, the more you know about Electricka's Resource Shelf, the more benefit you will receive.



resource Shelf policies

send electricka Your Own catalog entry or resource review; or send an update

Electricka invites you to send a Catalog entry, a new Resource Review, or an update that she can publish in these features. Send one, two, or all three:

  1. A brief write-up on your favorite arts resource for the Catalog—whether it's your own web site or art project or one that you know about or admire—one that Electricka's visitors can link to, visit in person, borrow, or acquire.
  2. A Resource Review on an arts resource or cultural asset you believe visitors should and would like to know about.
  3. Arts-related web sites are added, removed, or changed constantly. Electricka asks you to help her keep her Shelf up to date by sending her corrections, changes, or additions to items already listed in the Catalog or in Resource Reviews.

To encourage you to send entries and updates, Electricka has declared Electricka's Resource Shelf an Arts Information feature. She invites you to explore the guidelines for contributors now.

  • See the guidelines for making contributions to Electricka's Resource Shelf: click here.

For more information about this and other Arts Information features, visit the Arts Information page at this web site:

  • Click the words About Arts Information in the Arts Information image at the right side of this page or click here.

ETAF recommends

Many items on Electricka's Resource Shelf are available through the ETAF-Amazon Association. If you see and item on the shelf, look for it at Amazon by clicking the Association icon at the right.




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