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Here you'll find in-depth reviews of arts-related resources and reference works that Electricka has selected for inclusion on her Resource Shelf.

Resource Reviews

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Resource Reviews



about resource reviews

The feature you are now visiting is called Resource Reviews. It contains a collection of reviews of arts-related resources, each of which is called a Resource Review.

A Resource Review is a description of a person, place, or thing that is a resource for the arts.


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Electricka's Resource Shelf is growing t
hanks to visitors like you. Why? Because visitors send Electricka Resource Reviews she can publish here.

Electricka invites you to send her a Resource Review for an arts-related resource. It's easy. All you have to do is to provide Electricka with the kind of information you find in these reviews. The information you send can be:

  1. A new Review.
  2. An update or change to an existing Review.

To encourage visitors to send an original Review or an update to an existing Review, Electricka has declared Electricka's Resource Shelf an Arts Information feature. She invites you to explore the guidelines for contributors now.

  • See the guidelines for making contributions to Electricka's Resource Shelf: click here.

For more information about this and other Arts Information features, visit the Arts Information page at this web site:

  • Click the words About Arts Information in the Arts Information image at the right side of this page or click here.

about electricka's resource shelf—resource reviews and the catalog

Electricka's Resource Shelf is a comprehensive selection of arts-related resources and references. It contains two sections: 1) the Catalog, and 2) Resource Reviews. Both sections are important components of Electricka's Resource Shelf.


ETAF recommends

Many of the items on Electricka's Resource Shelf are available through the ETAF-Amazon Association.




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