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  1. Search for names of product categories:

    1. Select the down arrow next to the words Search By Category in the above box

    2. Tap or click a category of interest

    3. A list of products in that category will appear

    4. Then tap or click the name of a product category from the list

    5. A list of products in that product category will appear

    6. Scroll down the list of products in that category until you find one you like

    7. Then tap or click the product

    8. A page about the product will open at Amazon

  2. Search with keywords:

    1. Type one or more keywords into the search box. Use words that describe the kind of product you're interested in

    2. Then strike the ENTER key or tap or click Go

    3. A list of products will appear

    4. Scroll down the list until you find one you like

    5. Then tap or click it

    6. A page about the product will open at Amazon

...or Visit Amazon First From Here And Search There

  1. Tap or click the Amazon SHOP.CONNECT.ENJOY text box in the Amazon product display below

  2. A page at Amazon will open

  3. Search there to find more products



More about searching Amazon from this page

By searching for Amazon products at this page, you will find all products at Amazon that are related to a keyword or keywords or that belong to a particular Amazon product category that you specify.




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You can also shop at Amazon by clicking the ads you see at the top of most of Electricka's pages.





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