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about searching Amazon starting from Electricka

By searching Amazon from the Search Amazon page, you can find all products at Amazon with names that share a common keyword or keywords or that belong to a particular group or class of products that you specify. For example, you can search for Sony cameras at the exclusion of Sony DVDs, for Sony cameras and DVDs, or for any DVD regardless of brand.

When you begin your search for Amazon products at Electricka's web site, your subsequent purchases at Amazon take place under the auspices of the ETAF-Amazon Association. As such, Electricka receives benefits from your purchases, and at absolutely no additional cost to you. You conduct your purchases at Amazon exactly as you would if you went there directly without starting at Electricka, and you receive the additional aesthetic satisfaction of coming away with the warm feeling that you've helped the arts.

  • You search the Amazon.com web site from Electricka's web site using the Amazon search engine.

  • You save time and energy because you access products faster and because searches tend to be more relevant to your interests.

  • By starting your search at Electricka, you're more likely to find the specific items you're looking for and to discover other interesting items you may be unaware of.

  • You ensure that the ETAF-Amazon Association gets the credit for your purchase.

Buying Tips

An informed ETAF-Amazon Association buyer is a wise buyer.

Tip #1the simplest way to ensure that the credit for your purchase goes to the Association is to always start shopping at Amazon by clicking the ETAF-Amazon image. Click the black area or the words Search Amazon.

More Buying Tips

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