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tips for savvy buyers

Here are more tips than you may ever need. Let common sense be your guide and you may never need to refer to them again.

These tips help Electricka help the arts. Observe them and you'll save time, effort, and money. Your purchase will count as a donation to Electricka, the Association, and the arts. Don't observe these tips and your purchase may not count; Amazon may not credit your purchase to Electricka's account.


For Electricka to receive credit for your purchase, you must reach Amazon by clicking an Amazon ad at one of Electricka's pages.

Tip #1—Always follow this tip and you can forget tips #2 & Tip #3

  • The simplest way to ensure that the credit for your purchase goes to the Association is to always start shopping at Amazon by clicking the ETAF-Amazon image.

    Clicking the ETAF-Amazon Association image at the right opens Amazon's home page. From this page you can search Amazon for products using the Amazon search engine.

Tip #2—you want to shop again and fewer than 24 hours have passed since you clicked the ETAF-Amazon image

You used the ETAF-Amazon image to visit Amazon from Electricka on a previous visit and then left Amazon. Now you want to do more shopping.

  • Anything new you place in your shopping cart within 24 hours of your first visit to Amazon from Electricka will earn credit as a donation to the arts. You don't have to visit Electricka's web again before you visit Amazon.

Tip #3—more than 24 hours have elapsed Since you clicked the ETAF-Amazon image

You used the ETAF-Amazon image to visit Amazon from Electricka on a previous visit. You shopped and left Amazon. Now you want to add new items to your cart but more than 24 hours have elapsed since your previous Amazon visit.

  • Because 24 hour hours have elapsed since you clicked the ETAF-Amazon image, you must now click it again before you visit Amazon.
  • The items you left in your cart on previous visits still earn credit when you buy them so long as they haven't been left there more than 90 days. (See Tip #4)

Tip #4you didn't check out before you left Amazon (the 90-day limit)

You used the ETAF-Amazon image to visit Amazon on a previous visit. You put an item in your Amazon cart but left Amazon without checking it out.

  • No problem. ETAF gets credit for your purchase if you buy it within 90 days of placing it in your cart. You don't have to visit Electricka before you return to Amazon to buy the item as long as you buy it within 90 days of placing it there.
  • Remember: ETAF won't get credit for any purchase you make when you return to Amazon unless fewer than 24 hours elapse since you last used the ETAF-Amazon image to visit Amazon. (See Tip #2 & Tip #3.)

What if the item remains in the cart for more than 90 days?

  • For ETAF to get credit for an item you put in your cart, you must buy it before 90 days elapse. If it looks as though an item will remain in your cart for more than 90 days before you're ready to buy it, delete it from your cart before the 90 days are up and place it in your cart again. Do this within 24 hours after using the ETAF-Amazon image to visit Amazon.

See the Wish List Tip, below, for an even easier way to side-step this 90-day limit!

Tip #5—Wish List

Amazon lets you postpone purchases by putting items you might like to buy in the future on your Wish List. You don't buy them when you place them on the List; you put them aside so you can remember to buy them later. This feature is an up-to-date variation on the old Lay Away plan. The Wish List:

  • Is a good way to let others know what you'd like to have for a gift or to remind yourself of things you'd like give yourself.
  • Makes a great way to postpone purchases until you're ready to spend money on them.

To buy something on your Wish List you simply move it to your cart and check out normally when you're ready.

The Wish List is a great way to sidestep the 24-hour or 90-day time limits cited in any of the other tips in this page. Here's how it works:

Step 1Visit Amazon

  • Visit Amazon any time and any way you want. It doesn't matter if you visit Electricka's web site before you visit Amazon.
  • At Amazon, put items you may want to buy on your Wish List and leave them there until you're ready to buy.

Step 2Visit Amazon Again

  • When you're ready to buy any or all of the items on your Wish List, visit Electricka's web site before you visit Amazon.
  • Then visit Amazon the usual way by clicking one of the ETAF-Amazon Association images on Electricka's web site.
  • At Amazon, move the items you want to purchase from your Wish List to your cart.
  • Check out normally.

Buying this way, Electricka gets the credit!

That's all there is to it. The Wish List is a simple and easy way to ensure that ETAF and the arts get the credit for your purchases.

There's only one more small thing to remember:

  • In Step 2, if you move items from your Wish List to your cart and then change your mind about buying, before you check out move the items in your cart back into your Wish List. Now you're ready to take Step 2 whenever you're ready.

Tip #6—What Kinds of Items Can you buy and still earn credit for Electricka and the arts?

As long as you follow the above procedures, any kind of item you purchase from Amazon counts toward your donation to the arts; it doesn't have to be an arts-related item.

There is one exception:


purchases that do or do not earn credit

Items sold in the Amazon Marketplace don't earn Association credit. These items are sold by small, independent retailers who are not affiliated with Amazon but who sell their products at the Amazon site.

Items sold by Amazon or Amazon Affiliates do earn credit. Amazon Affiliates are large retailers like Target or Office Depot.

tip #7About inventory

  • Inventory changes rapidly at Amazon. You may see an item that's in the Collection at Electricka's web site, but when you visit Amazon it's no longer available; or a similar but different item has replaced it. For example, sometimes Amazon offers a paperback version of a hard cover; later it drops the hard cover. New editions often replace old ones.

  • Sorry, although we try to reduce the frequency of this kind of occurrence, there's little that we can do to prevent it from happening.

  • Don't be discouraged if you don't find the exact item in the Collection that you're looking for at Amazon. There are things you can do at Amazon to recover. Look for:

    • A new or revised edition of the same item.

    • A similar item.

    • A notice that the item is temporarily out of stock and an offer to check back at a future time.

    • A notice that the item is slated to come out in a new version at a future time. (Ask Amazon to notify you by email when the new version is available and remember to click-through to Amazon from Electricka's web site when you are ready to buy.)

    • An older or out-of-print copy from one of the small used book dealers or other vendors who sell through the Amazon Marketplace . (Some new or used copies of an item may be purchased from one of these vendors at less cost than when you buy them directly from Amazon. Don't forget to include shipping charges when you tally the cost of acquiring through an Amazon Marketplace vendor or Affiliate.)


  • If an item is not available through Amazon, feel free to acquire it from another source. The Association will not receive credit for your purchase but Electricka will have the satisfaction of knowing in principle that she's helped you.

  • Amazon does not always delete a listed item when it is removed from inventory. If a page that offers a discontinued item lingers after the item itself is out of stock, the page may contain reviews or publisher's information; you may still be able to learn a lot about it even if you can't buy it through Amazon.


Know who to look to for help with your transactions. See these limitations and restrictions on the scope of Electricka's involvement in your purchase: click here.

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