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electricka's product Lines

Electricka is pleased to offer the arts-related product lines shown on this page. For more information about any of these product lines, click the name of the product line you're interested in.

  • Software Products

    Electricka's software products are apps for your home or laptop computer, eBook reader, or other device that ETAF has specifically developed with Electricka's visitors in mind. All are for and about the arts; many are aimed directly at art lovers; others are about Electricka, her muses, and her web site. All are supported by ETAF and can be purchased and downloaded from or through Electricka's web site.

    • Visit the ETAF About Software Products page to learn more: click here.
  • The ETAF-Amazon Collection

    The ETAF-Amazon Association is a business affiliation between Electricka an Amazon, the giant online retailer. Electricka has established this relationship to facilitate her visitors' acquisition of arts-related and other kinds of merchandise and at the same time to further her objectives in the arts. Now, through the Association, Electricka's visitors can easily and economically acquire quality books, music, movies, posters, reproductions, and many other fine arts resources and add them to their personal or business collections. Visit the ETAF Amazon Association page to learn more.

    • Click the words About The Collection in the ETAF-Amazon icon at the right side of this page or click here.
  • Electricka's Theme Products Shop

    Electricka's themes are symbols that express one or more of the arts-related ideas, images, or subjects treated at Electricka's web site. They convey the essence of what The Muses have to say about art, life, and the world.

    Electricka's Theme Products are personal items you can buy at Electricka's Theme Products Shop—such as Electricka's image on a T-shirt—that proudly state what you, art, Electricka, and her muses stand for. Each of Electricka's theme products is decorated with themes and images inspired by Electricka's web site. Visit Electricka's Theme Products Shop to learn more.

    • Click the shopping bag in the Electricka's Theme Products Shop icon at the right side of this page or: click here.
  • Collectorz Databases

Collectorz databases are a user-friendly family of programs for your personal computer that allow you to catalog your collections of books, movies, music, comics, MP3 files, photos, and electronic games. Some databases are available as CLZ apps for your iPhone and iPod Touch.

These database programs make it easy and efficient for almost anyone to store and retrieve all sorts of data and information about the holdings in their collections, whether they're arts-related records or other kinds of recorded materials. With them you can keep track of what you own, borrow, or loan, and look up what you want to know about your CDs, DVDs, LPs, audio and video cassettes, books and other printed materials, or about contents.

Electricka's staff use these programs to help manage her web site. She has chosen to bring them to your attention because she believes that many of her visitors are in a position to enjoy the same kinds of benefits as they do.

These database products put information about your collections at your fingertips. You may be surprised to find that managing your holdings with them can actually be fun.

  • Visit the Collectorz Database Products page to learn more: click here.

Additions and changes to Electricka's product lineup

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  • Request a product announcement at Electricka's Email Center: click the mailbox at the right or click here.

no cost software downloads

ETAF is pleased to offer you a selection of no-cost arts-related items you can download and run on your home or laptop computer or other device. Among these items are writing aids, reference works, documents, white papers, slide shows, and programs.

  • Visit Electricka's page called No-Cost Downloads From ETAF to download these files: click here.

clarity services

In addition to products, ETAF offers a number of documentation services to anyone writing or publishing a traditional paper or electronic document for private or public publication. This suite of services is called Clarity Services.

  • Visit Electricka's Clarity Services page to see what these documentation services can do for you: click here.



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