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about Arts Information features

Here, Electricka explains the nature of Arts Information, introduces you to Arts Information Features, and shows you how to submit arts information for publication at her web site.

arts information—what is it?

Arts information consists of objective facts or opinions about the arts submitted by Electricka's visitors for publication at her web site. Arts information is not art; it's information about art.

Visitors can elect to have their name posted with their information they submit when their arts information submission is published, thus receiving credit for their contribution.


arts information features—what are they?

An Arts Information feature is any feature at Electricka's web site where Electricka publishes arts information submitted by visitors to her web site.


Why does Electricka offer Arts Information features?

  • Arts Information features provide a vehicle by which visitors can share what they know or think about the arts with other visitors.
  • The arts have a large sweep; no one can fully master any of them, let alone all of them. Everyone benefits when visitors pool their knowledge by submitting arts information for publication at an Arts Information feature.
  • Many hands make light work. Electricka and her cohort muses can't do it all by themselves. A visitor who makes a submission to an Arts Information feature is helping Electricka expand the scope, depth, and content of her web site.
  • An Arts Information submission is a contribution to the arts.

how to spot an arts Information feature when you see it

As you visit pages at this web site, you will occasionally see an Arts Information feature logo such as the one shown below or at the right side of this page. This symbol announces that the feature is an Arts Information feature or that it refers to an Arts Information feature.

Arts Information

About Arts Information


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The Arts Information image is action-oriented:

  • To visit the page you are now reading from any page at Electricka's web site where the image appears, click the words About Arts Information in the image.
  • To visit the page at Electricka's web site where you can submit arts information for publication, click the words Contribute Arts Information. An Arts Information form will open.


list of arts information features

Currently, each of the following features at Electricka's web site is an Arts Information feature. To visit a feature on the list, click its name:

send Electricka your arts information now

Electricka invites you to submit your arts information now for publication at one of her Arts Information features. Publishing your arts information is a simple, 2-step procedure:

  1. Read the guideline for the feature of your choice. It explains everything you need to know to prepare your arts information for submission.
  2. Fill out and submit an Arts Information form. It explains everything you need to know to send your description for publication.

Visit a guideline now

Thinking about submitting arts information? Electricka recommends that you read the guideline for the Arts Information feature you're submitting to before you fill out the Arts Information form.

Each of the following guidelines explains how to prepare and submit arts information for the Arts Information feature it names. To visit the guideline for a feature, click the name of the feature:

skip ahead

Have you already seen the guideline for the arts information feature you want to submit? If you're ready to submit now, you can skip directly to the Arts Information form and submit your arts information:


visit the Arts Information form now

Already read the guideline for the arts information you want to submit? Ready to fill out an Arts Information form now?

about Byline Features

Arts Information features offer Electricka's visitors a chance to publish arts-related information of a factual nature.

Electricka also offers her visitors a chance to publish original works of art that they have created. Electricka calls the features at which visitors publish their original creative works of art ByLine features.

  • For more information about ByLine features, visit Electricka's page called About ByLine Features: click here.




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Arts Information

About Arts Information


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