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The Muse Of Language Arts is pleased to present a table containing a list of portmanteau words for the edification and enjoyment of Electricka's visitors.

stop!before you proceed...

The portmanteau word you submit will appear in The Muse Of Language Arts' Portmanteau Words table.

about the portmanteau word of the day feature

In addition to publishing The Portmanteau Words Table, each day The Muse Of Language Arts publishes a portmanteau word at the page called Portmanteau Word Of The Day.

Portmanteau words published in The Portmanteau Table also appear in The Portmanteau Word Of The Day feature. When you publish your portmanteau word in the table, expect to see it in both features.

Portmanteau words published in the table appear promptly, soon after Electricka receives them from you. But only one portmanteau word can be published each day in The Portmanteau Word Of The Day feature and many portmanteau words are waiting in line to appear there; it may take a while before the portmanteau word you publish in the table shows up in both places. Please be patient; your portmanteau word eventually will appear there.

So as not to miss it on the day it appears, The Muse suggests that you visit The Portmanteau Word Of The Day feature daily.

  • See today's portmanteau word at The Portmanteau Word Of The Day feature: click here.

How to submit your  portmanteau word for publication in the table

You are being asked to write and submit a single portmanteau word for publication by The Muse Of Language Arts. Your portmanteau word will be published at The Muse's Portmanteau Words table.

Publishing your description is a simple, 2-step procedure:

  1. Read this guideline. It explains everything you need to know to prepare your portmanteau word for submission.
  2. Fill out and submit an Arts Information form. It explains everything you need to know to send your arts information for publication.


Submit your Portmanteau word now

  • Fill out and submit the Arts Information form. Send Electricka your quotation now: click here.


  • Electricka does not notify visitors of where and when to find the arts information they submit:
    • To discover if your arts information submission is published, visit the Portmanteau Words table and look for it there: click here.
    • It may take a few days for your portmanteau word to appear in the table. Please be patient and keep looking.

Submission requirements

The Muse Of Language Arts invites you to submit a portmanteau word for publication in the Portmanteau Words table. A portmanteau word is a single word produced by joining two or more words and combining their meanings; it's a mixture or blend of the combined words that forms a new word with a different meaning than each of its constituents.

Your submission should consist of three parts: 1) portmanteau word, 2) authenticity indicator (either authentic or newly coined), and 3) comments, if you choose to make any. Comments are optional.

What are authenticity indicators? Portmanteau words in the Portmanteau Words table come in two flavors: 1) Authentic, or 2) Newly Coined:

Authentic—Words that appear in prominent dictionaries of the English language and are accepted as standard words in the English lexicon.

Newly Coined—Perhaps you have a portmanteau word you've invented that is not in the standard English lexicon; or perhaps you've come across one in your travels. Newly coined words are words like these; they are not found in the standard English lexicon but are invented by Electricka's visitors or ETAF Staff. The Muse encourages you to make up your own portmanteau words and send them in.

Submissions to the Table Of Portmanteau Words generally meet these requirements:

  • Name the portmanteau word.
  • Indicate whether your portmanteau word is authentic or newly coined.
  • Name each of the two words that makes up the blended portmanteau word.
  • An authentic portmanteau word must be one that is part of the English language.
  • A newly coined portmanteau word must be a blend that consists of at least one word that is part of the English language.
  • Optional comments:
    • Add comments which define your portmanteau word and explain its meaning, origin, the field in which it appears, and the story behind it, if any—whatever fits.
    • Comments must be primarily in English (foreign language names or expressions or other constructions are fine, if appropriate).
  • No multimedia.
  • No links to other web sites.
  • Portmanteau words should not be proprietary. One or more of the following applies:
    • Copyright or patent has expired or never existed.
    • Word is in the public domain; does not belong to anybody.
    • You own it because you created it.
    • You own the legal right to publish which you acquired from someone else.
    • You have oral or written permission from the owner to publish.
  • Submitted by a visitor to Electricka's web site or by a collaboration of visitors.
  • Completely finished by the author(s) when submitted. The Muse edits nothing.

Electricka's Staff will convert your submission into Table format. Your portmanteau word can be accepted for publication even if it is not created especially for this feature. It does not have to be submitted by the author(s). Electricka's policies apply.


Planning to submit? Have submitted? Address questions about this feature or this guideline to AskTheMuses@Electricka.com: click here.




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