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Guide To Navigation—Arts Information Features

This page explains Electricka's Arts Information features.

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arts information—what is it?

Arts Information is factual information published at Electricka's web site about the arts or about arts-related topics. Arts information is not art; it's information about art or arts-related subjects. Arts Information is supplied by Electricka's visitors, who submit it for publication.

Arts Information, consists of facts or opinions about the arts. Its primary purpose is to inform. Arts Information:

  • Is collected and reported by visitors.
  • May be prepared for publication by visitors with or without the aid of third parties.
  • Must be in the public domain.
  • Must not violate anybody's right to privacy.

Arts Information takes numerous forms. There are too many different kinds of subjects that fit the scope of  Arts Information to list all of them. Here are a few examples:

  • Off-site links.
  • Opinions about the arts, such as one's favorite music or paintings.
  • Write ups about the artistic achievements of others.
  • Online games and other diversions based on the arts that are not original with Electricka's visitor.
  • Quizzes and puzzles about the arts that are not original with Electricka's visitors.
  • Facts about subjects such as art history.
  • Descriptions of arts-related events or figures.
  • Information about prizes awarded for artistic achievement.
  • Write-ups about musical instruments or samples of sounds.
  • Photos or sketches of original works of art.

arts information features—what are they?

An Arts Information feature is any feature at Electricka's web site that allows you to send Electricka arts information that she can publish at that feature.


When a visitor submits arts information for publication at an Arts Information feature, other visitors gain the benefit of his knowledge and experience. He has the opportunity to inform visitors about any aspect of the artsit could be an event, artist, performer, or performance—almost anything he wants them to know about.

how to spot an arts Information feature when you see it

As you visit pages at this web site, you will occasionally see an Arts Information feature logo such as the one shown at the below or at the right side of this page. This symbol announces that the feature is an Arts Information feature.

Arts Information

About Arts Information


click here


The Arts Information image is action-oriented:

  • To visit the page you are now reading from any page at Electricka's web site where the image appears, click the words About Arts Information in the image.
  • To visit the page at Electricka's web site where you can submit arts information for publication, click the words Contribute Arts Information. An Arts Information form will open.

How to search for arts information images with Electricka's search tool

If an Arts Information image appears on a page at Electricka's web site, the page is either an Arts Information feature or it refers to an Arts Information feature. You can use Electricka's Search Tool to easily find every page at Electricka's web site that contains an Arts Information image.


finding pages with arts information images

It's easy to find all pages that that contain an Arts Information image. Search for the keyword artsinfoimage.

  • Visit Electricka's Search Tool page and try it now: click here.

How to search for guidelines to ByLine features

The table called List Of Features At This Site contains a comprehensive list of features at this web site, including all Arts Information features. Each Arts Information feature on the list contains a link to its guideline.


finding pages with arts information images

It's easy to find any or all Arts Information guidelines. Visit the table called List Of Features At This Site and search for the word guidelines. When you see the Arts Information feature you want, click the link to its guideline.

  • Visit the table called List Of Features At This Site and try it now: click here.




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