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Guide to navigation—Indexes

An Index is a list containing the names of each page in a section, much like an index in a book.

Use an index to find pages containing information you want to see.


why indexes?

Menus and some other navigation tools are very helpful but they are impractical when it comes to listing all the pages that Electricka and her muses have to offer. There are just too many. Whenever you want to be sure you have seen all there is to see on a topic, consult the appropriate index.

Contents and organization

All indexes at this site contain the same information organized in the same way.


An index contains:

  • The names of pages at this site. (The names are hyperlinks to the pages they name.)
  • Cross references to the names of pages.


  • Each index is organized in the same way:
    • The list of pages is arranged alphabetically, by subject, author name, etc.
    • A given page may be listed more than once if it falls under more than one subject category.

How they work

While viewing an index, click the name of a page or cross reference in the index:

  • If you click the name of a "hyperlinked" page, the named page will open with the cursor located at the top of the page. If the reference is to a place within the referenced page (an internal reference not at the top), the page will open with the cursor located at the internal reference.
  • If you click a "see" or "see also" cross-reference that is listed in the same index, the cursor will jump to the citation in the index.
  • If you click a "see" or "see also" cross reference that is listed in a different index, the page containing the different index will open with the cursor located at the name of the cited page or cross reference.
  • If you click any name or cross-reference that is not hyperlinked, nothing will happen.

Where to find them

There are seven indexes at this site. These are:

  • One index for Electricka, which contains:
    • The names of all the pages that relate to this site as a whole and not specifically to a particular muse. This page is an example of such a page because it describes how to find information at this site regardless of muse.
    • The names of pages that contain information about the arts as a whole, information that is not specific to a particular muse—for example, the Links to Other Sites page, or the Resources for the Arts page.
  • An index for each of Electricka's six muses, which contains the names of pages that contain information specifically about that muse. For example, the Index to the Muse of Film contains the names of pages about movies.


Exploiting indexes to find information about the arts

  • Scan an index for the subject or topic that interests you by scrolling up or down in the index.

  • Use your browser's FIND command to search for index items.

  • Items adjacent to other items in an index are often closely associated with each other and may treat the same or related topics or art resource.

  • If there's a "see" or "see also" reference that interests you and it's a hyperlink, a click will take you to it, whether it's located in the same index or another index.

  • If a "see" or "see also" reference is not a hyperlink and the reference is in the same index, use your browser's FIND command to visit it.

  • If a "see" or "see also" reference is not a hyperlink and the target item is located in another index, navigate to the target index using menus and then use your browser's FIND command to locate the target within the index.

More About Indexes

For information on how to find these indexes and tips on how to use them, visit:

For general information about indexes, visit:




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