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Guide To Navigation—Alerts

Alerts are notices that inform you about things you should know. They are graphical in nature. Because they are important, they are are designed to call attention to themselves.

Kinds of alerts and their purpose

You may already have encountered one or more alerts on other pages of this web site on your way to visiting this page.

There are seven kinds of alerts, each with a unique purpose:

  • Email—Lets you know that you can send email of the kind identified in the alert.
  • Form—Lets you know that you can submit a form of the kind identified in the alert.
  • Navigation—Lets you know that you can navigate to a new location (page). Informs you about a navigation principle or procedure..
  • Note—Gives you information about something worth remembering.
  • Tip—Gives you an idea of information that may be useful.
  • Warning—Gives you information about something to avoid or watch out for.
  • Notes—Reminders, things to keep in mind in order to get the most from something.
  • Policy—Informs you about how ETAF treats or handles a sales, service, technical, or other issue.

design Principles

Each alert is:

  • Unique in appearance.
  • Colored to attract your attention.
  • Easy to distinguish from other alerts because it has a unique color.
  • Easy to interpret because it has a format that is similar to all other alerts.
  • Easy to decipher (as to purpose) because it bears an imagine that is suggestive of its purpose.

Format and color coding

Below you will find generic graphical designs for each kind of alert. A specific alert is distinguished from other specific alerts by the text that replaces its title or body text and by any optional graphical elements that it may bear.





Body text.





Body text.






Body text.









Body text.






Body text.






 Body text





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