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Guide To Navigation—Hyperlinks

Many pages contain text or pictures that are hyperlinks. If you click a hyperlink, another page at this web site or another web site will open. Other hyperlinks open email forms or start media players. Some graphic images are also hyperlinks.

If you are familiar with how web pages work at typical Internet web sites, these hyperlinks should come as no surprise; they work like traditional hyperlinks. For example:



  • The words Search Tool and Site Table of Contents in the Guide To Navigation menu at the right side of this page are hyperlinks. Click one and the named page will open.
  •  Click the text Send This page To A Friend at the bottom of this page. An email form will open.


notice when a Text hyperlink changes appearance

A textual hyperlink has a unique appearance that distinguished it from ordinary text. Its appearance changes:


  • When the cursor rolls over it.

  • After you click it.

  • If you return to it after visiting a new page.

These changes in appearance are useful indicators that can help you: 1) find a hyperlink on a page, 2) know for sure when you click that your click was recognized by your browser, and 3) know whether you've already visited a page and returned to where you started.






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