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Electricka's Email Center is the place where you get in on the email action. There you manage your email subscriptions so that they're tailor-made to your preferences. You subscribe to Electricka's e-mailings, unsubscribe, and do much more.

Enrolling—open a new account

To sign up for subscriptions, you must enroll in Electricka’s Email Center. You enroll by opening a new account.

To enroll, you must provide your name and email address:

  • The name you provide may be your real name or it may be an alias.
  • The email address must be the address at which you want to receive Electricka's email.

Manage your accountWhat you can do after you enroll

You may change your account information at any time without changing your account. Your account at Electricka’s Email Center remains active until you close it, even if you never sign up for subscriptions or even if you change your account information.

Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Start or cancel a subscription to a specific mailing list.
  • See a list of the mailing lists you belong to.
  • See a list of other mailing lists you can join.
  • Find and read archived newsletters and other past e-mailings.
  • Change your account email address, name, password, etc.
  • Specify whether you want to receive email in text or HTML format.

Subscribing And Unsubscribing

Subscribing to one of Electricka's e-mailings is like starting a magazine subscription. Signing up lets Electricka know that you want to receive all emails she publishes for that subscription starting from the time you subscribe.

  • After enrolling (creating your account), you are eligible to sign up for any or all of the subscriptions Electricka currently offers.
  • You start your new subscriptions by placing a check mark in the check box for each subscription you want to receive.

About your subscriptions:

  • All your subscriptions are sent to the email address listed in your account.

  • Each subscription has its own publication schedule; some emails are issued periodically and some are only issued as needed.

  • Don’t worry if it takes Electricka a little time to send your first or succeeding emails; she only sends new email when she has news. Some mailings are only sent once.

  • You can sign up for new subscriptions or unsubscribe at any time by returning to Electricka’s Email Center.

  • Once you unsubscribe, you will no longer receive any new e-mailings for that subscription but you will continue to receive e-mailings for the other subscriptions you have signed up for.

  • Look for a collection of Electricka’s past emails in her Archived Newsletters section.

about cookies and your browser

Think of a cookie as a temporary note placed on your computer. The Email Center automatically places a cookie on your computer when you enter. This cookie:

  • Makes login possible.
  • Does no harm to your computer and takes up almost no space.
  • Is removed from your computer as soon as it is not needed.

Your browser gives you the option to turn the cookies feature on or off. If OFF, cookies may not be placed on your computer until cookies are turned ON again.

Because login is essential, you must have cookies enabled on your browser before you can enter the Email Center; otherwise, you will not be able to enter the Email Center.


turn cookies on

New browsers come with the cookies feature set to ON but you or someone else may have turned them OFF.

If the cookies feature on your browser is set to OFF, set it to ON before you try to enter the Email Center. Consult your browser's HELP for more information.

about SPAM Blockers

SPAM blockers block email. SPAM blockers block email. If you use a SPAM blocker, you won't be able to activate or receive your subscriptions or manage your account until you add the address of Electricka's Email Center to your list of accepted parties.


SPAM Blockers

If you use a SPAM blocker, add the address of Electricka's Email Center to your list of accepted parties. Place this email address on your list:


how to log in

Enter Electricka's Email Center from the page called Electricka's Email Center:

  • Enter by clicking the link called Enter Electricka's Email Center. A new window will open showing the Login page.
  • You must identify yourself at the Login page before you can complete your entry to the Email Center:
    • The very first time you see the Login page, select the button on the Login page marked Open New Account. A page will open at which you can establish your new account,
    • Whenever you enter after you establish your account, you will see the Login page again. Type the email address and password for your account and select the button marked Login To My Account.
    • If you can't remember your email address or password, click the words, "Forgotten your password?" the Email Center will help you overcome this lapse.

How to log out

You leave the Email Center (log out) by clicking the words Leave Email Center and Log Out found at the bottom of most Email Center pages.


play it safe

Log out as soon as you finish your visit to the Email Center. This will prevent unauthorized persons from modifying your account without your permission.

how to close your account

You can close your account at any time by deleting it. Once you close your account, all records of your former membership are destroyed.

About privacy

Electricka only uses your name and email address to enroll you in her Email Center and to send you mailings about her web site.

Electricka never gives away or sells your personal information. You can enroll in Electricka’s Email Center and subscribe to any of Electricka’s mailing lists with complete confidence that your name, email address, and other account information will never be passed on to third parties or used for any other purpose than sending the mailings you requested. Electricka keeps no records of how you use the Email Center.

  • More about Electricka’s Privacy Policy: click here.

Accessing the email center

Access Electricka's Email Center by visiting the page called Electricka's Email Center. Once there, enter Electricka's Email Center by clicking the link called Enter Electricka's Email Center.

  • Visit the page called Electricka's Email Center: click here.

You can visit the page called Electricka's Email Center by selecting the menu item called Electricka's Email Center on the menu called ETAF on the menu at the top of most pages.




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