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Each day The Muse Of Language Arts offers a new saying for your amusement and edification. Use these sayings to good advantage or just have a chuckle over them.





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about this feature

Each day Electricka and The Muse Of Language Arts jointly present a saying. What's a saying? It's something said, especially a proverb, apothegm, maxim, adage, saw, aphorism, or other similar statement or observation. It can be a commonly understood metaphor or idiom.

Why do Electricka and The Muse Of Language Arts present sayings jointly? Because all sayings are products of the language arts. As such, Electricka considers any saying appropriate for publication on this page, whether or not the author is a linguist and no matter what its subject matter may be.

Some of the sayings presented here are not well known; but by contrast, others have become idioms or accepted social metaphors for expressing an idea; they have become ingrained in our cultures, languages, and personal mindsets.

Some sayings originated as quotations authored by an identifiable individual or other source; they have appeared in a book, speech, and under circumstances that are known. When the source of a saying and its circumstances of birth are known, they are cited here. Others have origins that are obscure because they've never been reported, they've been lost, or they've been forgotten.


about sayings

Said simply, a saying is something said. But there's a lot more than that to know about sayings. Lots of different kinds of language expressions are sayings, ranging from proverbs to mottos to graffiti.


Publish your own saying of the day

Electricka invites you to submit your own Saying Of The Day for publication here.

  • To find out more or to submit your work, consult Electricka's page called Guidelines For Arts Information Contributors—Saying Of The Day: click here.

To encourage you to write and submit your own original arts tidbit, The Muse has declared Saying Of The Day an Arts Information feature.

  • For more information about this and other Arts Information Features, visit the Arts Information page at this web site: click here.

The Muse Of Language Arts also presents sayings, especially those whose origins are known, in a feature called Welcome To Quote Of The Day.

  • See other sayings at The Muse Of Language Arts feature called Welcome To Quote Of The Day: click here.




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