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Each day Electricka asks and answers a question about some aspect of the arts. You may or may not know the answer until you see it, but if you don't, you may be in for a surprise when you find out.







Today's Did You Know

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Questions about the arts abound; they come from every direction and every possible source.

There's no end to questions about the arts, but the vast majority of the things we'd most like to know about the arts have no answers for a variety of reasons. Among these unanswerable questions are some the most important ones we can ask.


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Did You Know? questions and answers are created by Electricka's visitors and ETAF Staff.

Electricka invites you to help Electricka pose Did You Know questions and answers:

Send Electricka your own Did You Know? question and answer about the arts for her to publish at this page.

  • Submit your own Did You Know? question and answer now. Send email to Electricka at Ask The Muses: click here.

Post discussion topics at Electricka's Forums about the Did You Know? questions and answers that appear on this page.

  • Post your own Did You Know? topics at Electricka's Forums and discuss Did You Know? topics posted by other visitors.
  • Post your Did You Know? discussion topics at the E-Mails to the Editor discussion group: click here.



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