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about saying of the day

Here, The Muse Of Language Arts pays homage and expresses gratitude to a host of quotable notables, from Yogi Berra, to Julius Caesar, to the first person to place a graffito on a rock or clay wall.

The Muse's sayings are drawn from the American English language; they arise primarily in America. To some extent, they also arise in English English and England.

All sayings are products of the language arts. As such, The Muse Of Language Arts considers all of them as appropriate for publication on this page, whether or not their authors are artists and no matter what their subject matter.

All the Muse's sayings are:

  • Profound or shallow, serious or humorous, trenchant or dull, as circumstances warrant.
  • Many are traditional or historic; others have never been seen before.
  • Some are anonymous while others are attributable to known sources such as fictional authors, scholars, politicians, historians, famous personalities, or agencies.
  • All are in the public domain.
  • Some are original and have been created especially for you by visitors like yourself.
  • Many are about the arts but some are not.
  • Possibly more about sayings than you ever wanted to know...and a little bit more than that: click here.

Submit a Saying of the day for publication

Know a saying you think other visitors to Electricka's web site might like to know? Electricka invites you to send her a Saying Of The Day that she can publish here.

To encourage visitors to send their quotations, Electricka has declared Saying Of The Day an Arts Information feature. She invites you to explore the guidelines for contributors now.

  • See the guidelines for contributing a saying: click here.

For more information about this and other Arts Information features, visit the Arts Information page at this web site:

  • Visit the page called About Arts Information: click here.

about sayings

Said simply, a saying is something said. But there's a lot more than that to know about sayings generally. Lots of different kinds of language expressions are sayings, and many very different kinds of language expressions fall into that linguistic category, ranging from proverbs to mottos to graffiti.

  • Explore sayings with the Muse Of Language Arts: click here.

words, words, words

Words can be interesting, amusing, edifying, informative, challenging, tantalizing, unsettling, annoying, or titillating. To demonstrate this fact, every day The Muse Of Language Arts:

  • Defines, explains, and dissects a different word or expression. Visit The Muse's page called Word Of The Day: click here.
  • Pulls apart a different word, looking for its roots. Visit The Muse's page called Word Origins for the etymological origins of words. click here.
  • Presents a newly invented or well established portmanteau word for your consideration. Visit The Muse's page called About Portmanteau Words And The Portmanteau Words Table: click here.
  • Presents a different Latin word or expression: click here.
  • Presents a mangled word that may give you pause to think—or laugh. Visit The Muse's page called Wrong Word of the Day: click here.

Electricka's resource shelf

Want to look up the meanings of words online? Electricka's Reference Shelf contains or provides access to numerous dictionaries, encyclopedias, and other reference works that contain all sorts of information about words, among them an etymology dictionary, conventional dictionaries, encyclopedias, and thesauri. These references are the result of a collaboration between Electricka and The Muse Of Language Arts, so you know they have to be good.

  • The Resource Shelf consists of two components: The Catalog and Resource Reviews. Learn all about them and how to access them at the page called Electricka's Reference Shelf: click here.
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