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the shelf in depth

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 To get the most fun, pleasure, and help from the Shelf, Electricka recommends that you read and heed the information you find here.

the Traditional Library

The Shelf is an outgrowth of the traditional library. It takes your search for Arts-related resources into the electronic world of the internet and the 21st century. To understand how it works, it helps to review what traditional libraries do and how they do it.


Electricka's resource shelf as a library

Electricka's Resource Shelf is the virtual analog of a library.


when to search

Consider using the Shelf whenever you want to know more about something you're exploring at Electricka's web site or whenever you want to follow up a question that's come to you from out of the bluefrom a book you're reading, a movie you've seen, school, work, a family member, or any other source.


how to search

Searching for arts resources with the Shelf is simple, natural, and straightforward. Nevertheless, the more you know about how to use it, the more resources you'll find and the easier it will be to search.



Here are some comparisons between the Shelf and other electronic research methods and systems such as card catalogs, database programs, and online search systems. These comparisons make help you decide when to employ the Shelf alone or in combination with other methods and systems for finding arts resources.


Electricka's Guide to navigation

For a handy reference to the Shelf, visit Electricka's Guide To Navigation: click here.

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