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how the resource shelf works—summary

The Shelf contains two sections: 1) the Catalog, and 2) Resource Reviews. No special knowledge is required to use either section.


The Catalog

The Catalog is implemented as an automated table which contains a wide variety of arts-related citations, each one describing a single resource or reference work. With the help of the table's automatic features, you use the Catalog to identify just those resources that match your arts interests. Once you identify them, you use the table to help decide which ones you want to access. Then you use the table to access them.

With the help of the Catalog you can automatically search for arts citations containing keywords you specify. You can sort citations that result from searches, print lists of citations, and manipulate information about listed arts resources and references in a variety of other ways.

Some of the resources cited in the Catalog are accessible via the Internet; others are not:

  • If a cited reference work is one of Electricka's Resource Reviews or is located on a page at another web site, the Catalog contains a link to it. Click the link and the cited web page opens while the Catalog remains open.
  • Many traditional resources, such as printed dictionaries, museums, or libraries, are not located online. Others have a web site as well as an off-line component. The Catalog contains information that helps you locate and access them in either case.

To access the Catalog:

  • Click the image of the library cart in the Resource Shelf box (located on the right of many pages). The page containing the Catalog will open. You can start keyword searching immediately.
  • The Resource Shelf box with the image of the library cart is located on most pages at Electricka's web site and on many menus.
    • Access the Catalog now. Click the image of the library cart at the right side of this page, or: click here.

Resource Reviews

Resource Reviews are a collection of write-ups about arts-related resources and references that Electricka deems worthy of special treatment. Resource Reviews are to be found on pages at Electricka's web site.

To access the Reviews:

  • Click the word Reviews in the Resource Shelf box (located on the right). The page containing the Reviews will open.
  • Once at the page containing the reviews, select a Review from the list of reviews you find there.
    • Access Electricka's Resource reviews now. Click the word Reviews in the Resource Shelf box (located on the right on many pages). The page called  Welcome To Resource Reviews will open; or: click here.


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