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Some pages at Electricka's web site or at its blogs may display advertisements that contain links to other web sites where you can purchase products or services from the advertisers who place the ads. Or the ads may encourage you to physically visit or use other means to contact establishments where products and services are sold.

Among the actions you may be able to take are clicking an ad for the purpose of visiting other web sites. You may be able to click an ad or take other browser actions that will cause your browser to open web site pages operated by or on behalf of the represented advertiser(s) or their agents.

This page explains what you should know about the ads you see so as to responsibly decide whether you wish to take actions that involve them. It also describes limits on ETAF and DCI responsibilities in connection with these ads and advertisers.

Federal Trade Commission guidelines—Please note


Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising

Pursuant to FTC Federal Trade Commission Guides concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising (16 Code of Federal Trade Regulations Part 255), ETAF and its parent DCI hereby disclose that they are compensated for displaying ads at this web site.

About electricka's practices and policies

ETAF and DCI place ads on Electricka's web site to obtain revenue that helps compensate them for the Internet and other publishing expenses they incur.

Unfortunately, where ads and advertising are concerned, it's impossible for ETAF and DCI to guarantee visitor security, privacy, and business fair play. Business restrictions and technology limitations make that impossible.

Advertising is a mixed blessing. On one hand it helps Electricka, ETAF, and DCI to continue offering quality explorations of the arts; and it helps visitors find and acquire high quality products and services at reasonably low prices.

Ads about ETAF's and Electricka's products and services are all related to the arts, but we cannot guarantee that third-party ads that appear on Electricka's web site are related to the arts.

Internet advertising can be distracting; it can lower visitor appreciation and enjoyment; it can expose visitors to questionable marketing practices, exploitation, and technical hazards.

ETAF, DCI, and its agents are not in a position to change these industry practices and policies. The best we can do is to adopt from among the options available to them that combination of advertising practices and policies that in their opinion may optimally meet the needs of visitors, as they see them. In this respect, Electricka's advertising practices and policies are not essentially different from those of most other web sites.

Because of Internet technology limitations and accepted industry-wide advertising practices, our web site advertising practices and policies aim for a balance between the benefits offered consumers who make purchases and those offered sellers who place ads that help them sell their products and services. In all that we do regarding ads and advertising, ETAF and DCI try to strike an acceptable balance between the pros that increase net benefit for all involved parties and the cons that have reverse effects. But we cannot guarantee that we always strike this balance.

Many of our visitors are already aware of these advertising pros and cons. They've become savvy about Internet shopping and they do their part to mitigate the negatives by exercising a due self-diligence. We encourage you to do so.

Some of our visitors dislike advertising; others see welcome it as a net plus. We hope you're one of the latter.

Selection and display of ads

ETAF, DCI, or their agents:

  • Do not compose ads. They obtain specific ads or types of ads by means of affiliations with advertisers, advertising agencies, and network advertising servicesthat supply ads for display on pages. Ads are composed and supplied by these other sources.
  • Select specific ads or types of ads to display in specific ad spaces in some cases; but in other cases, the specific ads that are displayed on a specific page or in a specific ad space are selected by their ad sources.
  • Are not responsible for network failures or for any other kinds of service failures that may affect your ability to access of process ads.
  • Display specific ads in specific ad spaces that may remain the same for a period of days or longer; or ads may change during the time a page remains open; or ads may change when a visitor refreshes a page or takes another action on a page such as clicking an ad-related picture or text.
  • Select ads or types of ads to display products or services you can acquire that are relevant to the subject matter on the pages where they appear, wherever practicable.
  • Monitor trends in ads that appear for ethicality, good taste, business integrity, and other factors. If in their  opinion, ads from an ad source consistently violate Electricka's standards for ethics, good taste, or fair business practices, ETAF and DCI take appropriate action to rectify the objectionable situation with the appropriate suppliers of the ads.

Visitor relations with advertisers, network advertising services, and their agents

ETAF, DCI, and their agents:

  • Are acting as an intermediary between you, the visitor, on one hand and the advertisers, their advertising agencies and services, and their network ad sources that supply ads for display on the other hand.
  • Are not in any way responsible for or involved with your relationship with the ads or advertisers; nor are we responsible for what happens when or after you take any action on an ad such as clicking an ad to visit an advertiser's web site.
  • Are not responsible for what happens on or to your computer or network service when or after you click an ad or when you take any other computer action regarding an ad. Usually, computer actions you take regarding an ad will result in a visit to another web site operated by an advertiser or his agent. Other results, if any, may depend on the ad.
  • Are not responsible for any technical events or problems you experience when you visit other web sites as a result of taking actions on ads.
  • Are not responsible for and do not participate in business-related transactions that may take place between you and their affiliated advertisers, advertising agencies and services, or the network ad sources that supply ads for display on Electricka's pages as a result of the ads on Electricka's pages.

You are free to independently contact advertisers, advertising agencies and services, or network ad sources that supply ads for display on Electricka's pages by means of clicking their ads or by other actions you take at Electricka's pages are optional with visitors. You are free to contact advertisers directly by physically visiting their places of business, by visiting them directly by placing their Internet URL address in a browser URL box, physically visiting their premises, or by any other means.

ad security

ETAF, DCI, and their agents:

  • Are not responsible for what happens on or to your computer when or after you click an ad or take any action regarding an ad on an Electricka page. This includes but is not limited to possible infection by viruses such as worms, Trojan Horses, or other hacking programs or techniques that may affect the integrity of your computer.
  • Are not responsible for what happens on or to your computer or elsewhere on the Internet when or after you click an ad or take any action regarding an ad on an Electricka page.
  • Are not responsible for what advertisers do when or after you click an ad or take an action that activates an ad. Possible advertiser actions include but are not limited to possible infection of your computer by adware programs, cookies, or other marketing programs or techniques designed to collect data on, monitor, or record your computer's subsequent web activity. Among actions that advertisers may take are tracking the sites you visit, the purchases you make, or other transactions for the purpose of creating a profile of your computer's purchasing behavior. If you are the only user of the computer, the computer's behavior may indicate your personal behavior.
  • Are not responsible for the Internet web site or other destinations your browser routes you to after you take actions related to an ad.
  • Monitor ads that appear on Electricka's pages for trends in ethicality, good taste, business integrity, and other factors. If they detect that ads from an ad source violate Electricka's standards, industry standards and guidelines for ethical advertising practices, or if ads violate national or local laws governing ad security, ETAF and DCI takes appropriate action to rectify the objectionable situation with the appropriate suppliers of the ads.

Ad Privacy

ETAF, DCI, and their agents:

  • Never knowingly collect or reveal your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) to others. PII is information that can be used to uniquely identify, contact, or locate a single person or can be used with other sources to uniquely identify an individual. Nor do we knowingly publish ads from agencies that do so.
  • May allow ads to be placed on Electricka's pages that, if clicked or otherwise acted upon by a visitor, will allow advertisers to store so-called cookies or web beacons on a visitor's web-enabled client browser.

More about cookies:

Some advertisers employ cookies with their ads; others do not. Some specific ads on Electricka's pages may cause cookies to be stored if clicked on or otherwise manipulated; others may not.

Normally, advertisers store cookies on client browsers to improve the shopping experiences web-user consumers have when they click on or otherwise activate web advertisements. The decision to store cookies and the act of storing them are those of the advertiser who supplies the ad, not of ETAF or DCI.

Here are some examples of the uses cookies are put to by the advertisers or network advertising services who use them:

  • There are various forms of cookies that may be stored, including so-called flash browser objects or http headers.
  • Cookies may be used to provide information about a consumer's shopping or purchasing behavior when a consumer responds to or views an advertisement.
  • Cookies can help advertisers or network advertising services decide how to pay third-parties commissions to ad publishers when an Internet user clicks on a link, creates a business lead, or makes a purchase at an advertiser's Web site.
  • If an Internet user re-visits an advertiser's site directly after visiting it by activating an ad, a cookie allows the advertiser or network advertising service to track the user's activities on the advertiser's site and reward the site that referred the user.
  • Advertisers or network advertising services also use cookies to estimate such advertising parameters as the total reach and scope of an advertising campaign or of the frequency of ad display. Data on factors like these allow advertisers to determine with greater accuracy the composition of the audience they reach.
  • Cookies may also be used to control the delivery of a series of advertisements to a specific web browser or to limit the number of times a web browser receives any one advertisement.
  • Cookies also may be used to collect or calculate Internet browsing and online purchasing data which helps advertisers develop a predictive statistical profile of an end user's product and services purchasing needs and interests.



If you do not wish your actions to be monitored by cookies in ways like these, you should not respond to or view advertisements posted at Electricka's web site or blogs.



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