Writing Right© product descriptionHelp yourself become a better writer

Writing Right© is an ebook that makes it easier for you to catch and correct all sorts of writing mistakes and to improve the style of what you write or edit.

Use it on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, portable computer, or desktop personal computer—any device equipped with an Adobe Reader© app.

Writing Right is a simple, fast, easy-to-use source of writing knowledge. It's not just another writing reference you'll stick on a shelf or place on your computer desktop and forget.

Writing Right is unique in its field; it's like nothing else you may have used or seen. It's not just another ebook. It's not a dictionary, style guide, spell checker, grammar checker, or writing program. It's an entirely new and different kind of writing aid, one focused exclusively on helping you write accepted, standard, English prose.

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ETAF© has developed Writing Right© to help you write better prose. With it, you will detect and correct all sorts of writing mistakes you might otherwise miss and at the same time improve your writing style.

Writing Right runs on your smart phone, tablet, laptop, notebook, portable computer, or desktop personal computer—any type or brand equipped with a free Adobe Reader© or other app that displays .pdf files. Use it either by itself or alongside your word processor or other app while you write. It even helps you write better with pen or typewriter.

Although it’s ideal for formal written material such as school reports, magazine or news articles, essays, business or scientific or technical documentation, internet forms or blogs, it can help with other kinds of prose writing too, from personal or business letters to party invitations to school work—anywhere that correct, well-styled English prose can make a difference.

With Writing Right on your computer, you won't have to take writing courses or become a grammarian to write better English. You'll only have to be able to write basic English sentences. Best of all, with Writing Right you don't have to be a professional writer or an English teacher to write like one. You won't have to study text books or take English lessons and you won't have to be computer savvy.

Writing Right looks and feels like the pages of a book, so it's natural to use for a writing reference, but it's a different kind of writing aid, one that takes a different approach to helping you write. It works by combining all the different kinds of information you need to be able to check and correct your work while you write. It takes advantage of the power and speed of your computer to steer you to just the information you need to write right and with style. You, not your computer, choose the words you actually set down, so your writing sounds like you. That's why we call it your personal writing assistant.

Make Writing Right your personal writing assistant. With its help, you will admire your writing and be admired for it.

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