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welcome to the writing right© users page


Electricka, ETAF, and The Muse Of Language Arts are pleased to welcome you to the Writing Right© User's Page, the place at Electricka's web site dedicated to serving those who use Writing Right as their personal writing assistant.

about the writing right users page

If you are a Writing Right user or are thinking about becoming one, this page is for you. Electricka, The Muse Of Language Arts, and ETAF have created this page especially with you in mind.


ETAF and The Muses invite you to explore these features especially for Writing Right users

good writing to you!

writing right product description

Valuable information about Writing Right specifications, support, and software is available at the Writing Right Product Description page.

  • See the Writing Right product description: click here.

writing right product FAQs

Look here for a detailed description of Writing Right. Get answers to your questions about the Writing Right product: click here.

the Writing Right Newsletter

The Writing Right Newsletter brings you all the latest news, writing tips and tricks, ideas for how to use Writing Right to improve your writing, and lots more.

writing right discussion group

The Writing Right Discussion group is one of Electricka's Forums. If you are a Writing Right user, you'll want to investigate this discussion group and join in.

The Writing Right Discussion Group is a Muse of Language Arts forum at Electricka's Forums. At this discussion you can:

Explore how to use Writing Right to improve your writing:

    • Get or give help with using Writing Right as a writing assistant.
    • Comment on or ask questions about the Writing Right Users Page.
    • Submit or discuss suggestions for changes or additions to the Writing Right Users Page.

Help improve the Writing Right product:

    • Share your experiences, likes, or concerns about the Writing Right product with other Writing Right owners, users, and developers.
    • Discuss software changes or additions you'd like to see in current or future Writing Right versions.
    • Identify new or revised content you would like to see in future versions.

Ask questions; get help; share your problems and concerns about Writing Right at the Writing Right Discussion Group at Electricka's ForumsVisit the Writing Right Discussion Group at The Muse Of Language Arts Forum at Electricka's Forums.

  • Visit the Writing Right Discussion Group at Electricka's Forums now: click here.


To start a discussion topic, make a comment, or ask a question at the Writing Right Discussion Group, you must be a member of Electricka's Forums. Non-members can see past discussions and discussions that are underway among other visitors but cannot submit a topic or participate in any activities.

  • Any visitor can become a member of Electricka's Forums. For more information about membership: click here.
  • To visit Electricka's Forums, click the picture of the Forum (above, left), or click the picture of the Forum in the right margin, or click here.

More about these and other Features for Writing Right Users

click here

writing right product Support

Have a problem or question about downloading or installing Writing Right software?

  • Contact Writing Right Product Support at the page called Writing RightSupport: click here.

Have a question about Writing Right sales or customer service?

  • Contact Writing Right Sales and Customer Support at the page called Writing RightSupport: click here.

help ETAF Improve writing right

We're out to make Writing Right a better writing aid. ETAF invites you to send your ideas for new features, sections, and items to include in future editions of Writing Right. Feel free to be as far-ranging and creative as you like. No idea is automatically out of bounds.

Tell us about the problems you're having and the additions, changes, and improvements you'd like to see.

  • See a list of the kind of ideas we're looking for: click here.
  • Send your ideas for changes and feature additions for future Writing Right editions to WritingRight@Electricka.com: click here.

learn more

  • More about features of interest to Writing Right Users: click here.

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