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Purpose: Personal writing assistant

Developer: Exploring The Arts Foundation (ETAF)

Software & Hardware Compatibility: Runs on any type or brand of device equipped with a free app for Adobe Reader®:

  • smart phones


  • tablets
  • laptops
  • notebooks
  • desktop personal computers
  • any type or brand that supports the .pdf file format originated by Adobe Reader©

Format: Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) document file (file extension .pdf)

Installation and use: Download the Writing Right PDF file into any file folder and open it in Adobe Reader. It's that simple.

about Adobe Reader®

Adobe Reader® is a no-cost document viewer from Adobe® that displays Writing Right in Adobe PDF format (.pdf).

Chances are your device already has Adobe Reader®. If not, it's easy to add it free from an app store.

If you operate a PC or MAC computer, Adobe® will supply updates free.

Download now: Adobe Reader Download Web Site

For more information, visit Adobe Reader product support: Adobe Reader Support Center

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