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Muse Emblems

Electricka is pleased to offer you Muse Emblems, a family of no-cost slide shows for your computer. Slides contain images that symbolize Electricka and her muses.

about muse emblems

Muse Emblems is a slideshow depicting the unique emblems that represent Electricka and each of her cohort muses. These are the same emblems that appear on Electricka's home page and on each of the pages that belong to her muses.

Muse Emblems presents the images you see when you visit Electricka's web site, images that will remind you of past explorations and foretell of visits to come. Display it on your computer in any of a variety of ways. You can see the slideshow online or offline, as you choose. High quality images appear one after the other. When the sequence ends, it starts over automatically; or you can select from a gallery, pause, or manually step through the sequence. If you're online, click Electricka's emblem in the slide show and automatically visit her web site.


Muse Emblems comes in three flavors:

  • Screensaver—your monitor screen displays pleasant reminders of Electricka whenever your computer rests.
  • Browser—view Muse Emblems in a browser window.
  • Executable—a standalone app you can open and run without a browser.

Download now

Download any or all versions of this no-cost software:

  • Each slideshow version is organized as a different file type.
  • All slideshow versions look and operate the same once installed.
  • Versions marked "ZIP" come in smaller files to save download time but need to be unzipped before installing/using. Unzipping produces equivalent slideshows that run as different versions and file types.

Muse Emblems works alongside apps that run on personal computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, PDAs, or any other devices equipped with the most common Internet browsers, those prepared in the .html format. These types of files operate on most personal computers and laptops and on many other tablets and cell phones, PDAs, and other devices. Particular Muse Emblems versions also work with personal computers and laptops and on some tablets that use .exe files.

If you're not sure whether a particular version of Muse Emblems will work on your device, your best bet is to download the version you prefer and check to see that it runs. If not, try another version.

To download a version of Muse Emblems:

  1. Right-click the name of the version you want.
  2. Click Save and follow directions on your screen.
  3. When the download is complete, follow the Installation Instructions in the chart below for the version you have downloaded.

For general information about downloading and viewing, visit the page called About Downloading & Viewing: click here.

Version Name Installation Instructions Approx. File Size
Screensaver (zip) Extract the saved zipped file into a new folder. Click the unzipped file. The theme self-installs as a screen saver. Follow normal operating system instructions for setting screensavers. 1.6 MB
Browser (zip) Extract the saved zipped file into a new folder. Click the file with the .html extension. The file opens in your browser. .48 MB
Executable (zip) Extract the saved zipped file into a new folder. Click the file with the .exe extension. Follow your operating system's directions for opening an app. 1.2 MB

enjoy Muse Emblems, your souvenir of Electricka and her cohort muses!

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