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HY! Help Yourself eBooks

HY! eBooks are a unique series of software-based books that takes advantage of the possibilities offered by computers to enhance your reading experience, learning, and enjoyment.



Purchase HY! Poe

Sorry, Help Yourself to Poe is not available for purchase at this time. To learn when this exciting innovation in reading will be available for purchase:

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HY! help yourself to poe

Help yourself to get more from your reading with a unique series of a different kind of eBook called HY! Help Yourself eBooks.

You may not know it yet, but you're on the cusp of a new way to read. HY! Help Yourself to Poe is the first in this new series of electronic books developed by ETAF. It contains the complete short stories of Edgar Allen Poe. Take advantage of this opportunity. Be one of the first to get started with HY! eBooks today by reading HY! Help Yourself to Poe. Grow along with this new series as the eBooks library grows.




HY! Help Yourself to Poe ...Coming The first of a new series of eBooks now being developed by ETAF. Help Yourself to Poe contains the complete short stories of Edgar Allen Poe.

Get started with HY! (Help Yourself!) eBooks by reading Help Yourself to Poe.

what's an HY! eBook?

HY! eBooks are ETAF's idea of what a book can and should be. Each HY! (Help Yourself!) eBook employs an innovative, proprietary, eBook concept devised by ETAF. This concept allows ETAF to present literature, non-fiction, and special purpose publications in a new and exciting format, one that maximizes personal enjoyment, learning, and communication while turning reading into an interactive experience.

  • The contents of an HY! eBook are similar to those of a printed book.
  • Like an ordinary eBook, you read an HY! eBook on your computer.

Then what's so different about an HY! eBook?


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