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about HY!© Help Yourself© eBooks©

Whether fiction or non-fiction, HY! eBooks are self-guided, self-paced reading at its best! An HY! eBook and a traditional book or a traditional eBook have little in common. What's the difference?

In a nutshell, an HY! eBook is interactive.

An HY! eBook:

  • Contains information about the book as well as the book itself.
  • You only see this "extra" information if and when when you ask to see it, so it doesn't interfere with your reading.
  • If you ask for it, the extra information is presented in the context of what you're reading, so it's relevant.
  • You see extra information at the same time you see the page you're reading, so you can check back and forth.

What's so good about an interactive HY! eBook?*

Interactive HY! eBooks give you these advantages over ordinary books or ordinary eBooks:

Fiction—In addition to the fictional material written by the author, an HY! eBook contains amplifying information that enhances your reading experience. For example, it may contain a treatment of the author's life, the circumstances that led the author to write the book, an outline of the plot, a synopsis of the characters, a description of the setting, the story's historical and cultural context, a glossary, a critique, or an analysis. You'll find material on related topics, such as an explanation of the book's genre or a list of similar books or authors. There will be links to online fan clubs, museums, educational web sites, databases, professional or amateur web sites dedicated to the work or author or related topics, and a lot more.

You may request to see pointers about how to read and understand the material. Difficult, uncommon, or foreign words may be explained. You learn about the author, his life, his art, his times. Your attention is drawn to pertinent information. Knowing these kinds of things intensifies your emotional experience, expands your horizons, extends your knowledge, and deepens your insight into what you read.

Amplifying information can help, but with an HY! eBook you only see it when you ask for it, and only when and where it's relevant to the passage you're reading. Properly presented, it immerses you in the reading experience without disrupting your concentration, defusing your emotional experience, disturbing the atmosphere woven by the author, or running counter to the intended artistic effect. With an HY! eBook, what you learn is never didactic or "preachy," never distracting. You explore "surrounding" subjects as you read so they become part of your reading experience in a natural way, without special effort.

Non-Fiction—A non-fiction HY! eBook is laid out and read like a traditional book, except that it masks supplementary information until you ask for it. This approach reduces the amount of reading material you cover without omitting anything important.

Your non-fiction HY! eBook contains reference material to help with the further exploration of your subject. For example, it may contain tables, charts, or graphs, or data. Supplementary information may be stored in the book itself or at web sites. Footnotes, margin notes, or embedded links take you to relevant online resources such as technical or educational web sites, museum web sites, online databases, dictionaries, foreign language dictionaries, encyclopedia articles, and a lot more. You explore the subject matter with the full resources of the Internet at your disposal.

Some things you can do with an HY! eBook*

With an HY! eBook on board, your computer may be smarter than you think. You can:

  • Hyperlink between related items in the text.
  • Leave bookmarks and notes for follow-up reading or action.
  • Find and display relevant "extra" information stored in the book.
  • Explore related web sites by clicking links embedded on pages.
  • Look up the meaning of important words.
  • See related articles.
  • Play related sounds.
  • See related video excerpts.
  • Perform keyword searches through the text.
  • Consult an automatic table of contents or index.


  1. The automated features of any particular HY! eBook© are a subset of the features available in the library of HY! eBooks. The features in a particular HY! eBook will vary depending on the nature of the supporting information in the book, the subject, the contents and organization of the author's or publisher's original manuscript, and the book's intended audience and objective.
  2. Of course, your computer must be connected to the Internet while you use HY! eBook online features.
  3. You have the option to print your HY! eBook© on paper and read it in a traditional paper-based format, but of course the paper version will lack automatic features.


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