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Proofreaders' Marks

Proofreaders' Marks is a no-cost download from Electricka you can use to understand the proofreader's marks placed on documents by editors:

  • If you are writing a document, they help you understand the changes your editor wants you to make.
  • If you are reading a rough or final draft of a document that has been reviewed by an editor or revised by an author, they help you understand what the document will look like after the intended changes are made.
  • If you are editing your own work, they are a shorthand for expressing the revisions you intend to make.
  • If you are editing the work of others, they are a standard language, a tool accepted around the world for succinctly expressing the changes you want others to make.


Proofreaders' Marks is a multi-page list containing most of the standard proofreader marks you are likely encounter in your writing or reading. These marks are especially useful to a writer whose work has been edited and who needs assistance with interpreting a professional editor's markups.

The list is in the form of a table with one entry in each row. Each entry contains a description of a correction or change an editor might request; it also contains the graphic symbol that represents the change.

Another page contains a sample of a flawed manuscript proof copy that has been marked with proofreader symbols to show how the copy might look once an editor has marked it up. A final page contains an example of how the copy would look if it were changed to agree with the editor's marks.

Suggestions for Use

For easy reference while working with a document:

  • If you are writing or editing a document on your word processor, open Proofreaders' Marks on your screen alongside your word processor. Tile the window containing Proofreaders" Marks and the window containing the document and you will see both documents side-by-side; or TAB between the two and you will see one and then the other.
  • Print a copy of Proofreaders' Marks and keep it handy in your notebook or pocket so you can take it with you when you are away from your computer.

Download now

Proofreaders' Marks is contained in a file organized in PDF format and is intended to be used with an Adobe Reader or any app that displays PDF documents. This includes personal computers, laptops, tablets, cell phones, PDAs, or any other device that allows you to use Adobe Reader

To download Proofreaders' Marks:

To download and save this file, use either of the following two methods:

Method 1

  1. Click the link in the Navigation Box, below, or in the To Do box at the top-right of this page.
  2. The document appears in a new window.
  3. Read it on your screen or save it in a directory of your choice.

Method 2

  1. Right-click the link in the Navigation Box, below, or in the To Do box at the top-right of this page.
  2. A window appears inviting you to SAVE or OPEN the file.
  3. Select SAVE TARGET AS.
  4. A window appears that allows you to navigate to the directory or your choice.
  5. When the download is complete, click the file or open Adobe Reader and then open the file.

For general information about downloading and viewing, visit the page called About Downloading & Viewing: click here.

Good "Proofing!"

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