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about the association

At ETAF, our goal is to bring the arts to you and you to the arts.

To further this goal, ETAF has established an affiliation with Amazon, the giant online retailer, which Electricka calls the ETAF-Amazon Association. She calls the assembly of books, audio CDs, DVDs, videos, musical instruments, art supplies, art works, and other arts-related and non-arts-related materials that you can obtain through this affiliation the ETAF-Amazon Collection.

  • The ETAF-Amazon Association is a business association between ETAF, sponsors of this web site, and Amazon, the well-known online retailer.

  • When visitors to Electricka's web site buy through the Association, they buy wisely. They can acquire worthwhile works of art or other goods and enjoy other benefits while helping themselves, ETAF, and the arts.

  • Everyone's eligible. It costs nothing to use the Association; you join nothing; there are no special or unusual obligations.

  • When you buy, you are buying directly from Amazon, which is solely responsible for all aspects and phases of your transaction:

    • Amazon has proven itself to be one the the most dependable, customer-friendly, service-oriented retail distributors in the world.

    • Only Amazon has your personal information and knows what you do through the Association, and only if you allow it to.


Making purchases through the Association brings important benefits to you, to the arts, and to ETAF. Everyone gains.

For you

In our opinion, Amazon is the premier online retailer of books, music, and many other products related to the arts, as well as a premier retailer for most of the other kinds of products it sells. They maintain uniformly high standards of quality, service, and integrity and charge reasonable prices, given these qualities. They don't carry everything an arts enthusiast or other kind of consumer might want, but who does? The scope of their books and music offerings is especially noteworthy and extensive and their and quality high; they offer facilities for auditioning music and previewing books online that are outstanding.

Electricka recommends items for the Collection that expand on what visitors see, learn about, and explore on Electricka's pages. Amazon provides additional arts-related and product information on these items and subjects. Many of these items can be purchased at Amazon, often at reasonable prices; many are unavailable anywhere or are available only at high cost. (The recommendations you find in sections titled ETAF Recommends are not limited to holdings in the ETAF-Amazon Collection.)

You don't have to buy anything to benefit. You are free to explore any or all of these resources at any time and at no charge. There is only a cost to you if you buy something. You have a wide range of goods to choose fromnot just arts-related goodsbut everything you purchase goes to help Electricka and the arts.

Before choosing Amazon as an associate over other available options, Electricka instructed ETAF to "put on a shopper's hat" and try buying arts-related goods the way a visitor to her web site would by them. ETAF did, and accumulated a considerable amount of personal experience shopping at Amazon as well as at other retailer web sites and at walk-in retail stores with similar credentials.

What ETAF found encouraged us to chose Amazon for an associate over many other available options. Amazon consistently proved itself to be an ethical, medium-to-high price, competitive, high-service retail supplier of books, music, and other arts-related goods and non-arts-related goods.

ETAF and Electricka hope and expect that these benefits will accrue to you when you acquire arts-related materials or any other kind of goods through the ETAF-Amazon Association.


A nominal portion of every purchase made through the Association is returned to ETAF by Amazon.

ETAF uses these funds to help keep Electricka's web site going and growing, an additional benefit to you. When you purchase goods from Amazon through the Association you benefit ETAF while you help yourself, and at no extra cost!

For the arts

Electricka envisions a future golden age when computers and the Internet are fully and effectively at the service of the arts, a time when art and technology meet, match, and marry in the virtual museum of the future. ETAF is working to help fulfill this vision and the ETAF-Amazon Association is a pillar of its edifice. The funds ETAF receives through the Association go in part to ETAF; they assist us in carrying out this mission.

  • Explore Electricka's vision and the virtual museum of the future. See Electricka's vision statement: click here.
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