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Why plug in to Electricka's Email Center?

Visitors who receive email from Electricka are the first to hear about special events, new features, and other changes or additions at her site. They receive newsletters, notices, tips-and-tricks, product news & announcements, service news & announcements, and other kinds of information that help them get the most from their visits to Electricka's web site.

  • Plug insee Electricka's email subscription list

    Check this list of the different subscriptions you can sign up for: click here.

  • plug inenroll

To sign up for the email subscriptions you want to receive, enter Electricka's Email Center and enroll. Enroll yourself, friends, relatives, or co-workers. All information is kept private.

After you enroll, you automatically start to receive any new emails as soon as Electricka creates them. Find past and current emails in the Archives.

  • Plug inManage your account

When you enroll, you set up an account. After that you can manage your account any time you choose:

  • Start or cancel a subscription to a specific mailing list.

  • See a list of the mailing lists you belong to.

  • See a list of other mailing lists you can join.

  • Find and read current and archived newsletters and other past e-mailings. (View Archives starting from the manage Your Account page.}

  • Change your account email address, name, password, and optional preferences.

  • Specify whether you want to receive email in text or HTML format.

  • Request a password you've forgotten.

  • Close your account.

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