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The Muse Of Fine Arts welcomes you to the place at Electricka's web site where you and The Muse explore the Fine Arts.


Beauty, Art, and Fine Art

Convention has much to do with whether an art or art object is classified as beautiful, art, or fine art. And many objects that are classified as art are not considered fine art. So what does it take for an object to be beautiful, art, or fine art?

To answer this question, it's first necessary to define the word beauty:



When is art fine? When is art not so fine?


The Muse Of Fine Arts views many of the debates people have over artistic categorization as hollow, inconclusive, and unproductive labeling. What difference does it make if we refer to a particular art form by one name or another? All art is art, and that which is not art is something else.




exploring the fine and visual arts

The Muse Of Fine Arts invites you to explore these Fine Arts and visual arts subjects:

  • Explore painting As A Fine Art: click here.
  • Explore sculpture as a Fine Art: click here.
  • Painted and decorated objects, industrial design, commercial design, architectural design, and other art forms that are not Fine Art are treated at the feature called the World of Design. Explore them there. Visit The World Of Design: click here.
  • Explore Art History—art works, art movements, and artists of the Western tradition: click here.
  • Explore cave painting at Lascaux: click here.
  • Explore art restoration: click here.
  • Explore fine art technology: click here.
  • Explore fine arts terminology: click here.
  • Explore other Fine Arts and visual arts topics by visiting pages cited in the menu boxes at the right on this page marked Related Pages and See Also.

tops & flops

At the Electricka's feature called Tops & Flops In The Arts, see lists of fine arts subjects and lists of top-10s favorites that have been submitted by visitors to Electricka's web site. The re, you can also submit your own lists of favorites for other visitors to see.

  • Explore lists of favorite creative artists and fine arts works. See information in about the fine arts presented list format. Visit the feature called Tops & Flops In The Arts now: click here.

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Visit The Muse of Fine Arts Index for a list of all the sections belonging to The Muse of Fine Arts: click here.


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