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Take the electricka quiz

Just for fun, try answering these simple questions about Electricka, Muse of the WorldWide Web.

About This Quiz

This quiz is about Electricka. It's a snap. Just take Electricka's Orientation Tour before you  take the quiz and you're home free: click here.

When you're finished

  • If you're already on the tour and want to return: click here.
  • Look for more quizzes and puzzles at Electricka's page called Games And Other Diversions: click here.

Have fun!

  1. The quiz opens showing one question at a time. You will see two numbers like this (2/10) showing which question you are looking at and how many total questions there are in the quiz. Click the arrow button on the right to go to the next question. Click the one on the left to see the previous question.
  2. Option: Select the Show All Questions button to see all questions at once. Use the scroll bar to scroll through them.
  3. After clicking an answer button, a box will pop up showing whether your answer is right or wrong. Click the OK button to continue. The answer button you clicked will now show a happy face [:-)] for a right answer or a sad face [:-(] for a wrong answer.
  4. To see your score, make sure you get the right answer to each question before you go on to the next one. Look for your score at the top of the quiz.
  5. On each question, one "wrong try" is recorded for each time you make a guess until you hit the correct answer. Thus for Question 1, if you select a wrong answer once and then the right answer, you have one wrong try. Once you get the correct answer for any given question, a score for that question is calculated based on the number of possible wrong answers and the number of wrong tries. The overall score is calculated by averaging the scores for all questions that have been answered so far and reporting them as a percentage.
  6. Once you get a multiple-choice question right, you're at liberty to hit all the wrong answers without any tries being recorded. This way you can investigate other answers without penalty. If you get a right answer first time on any question, no more tries are recorded for that question, and therefore no "marks" appear when you click on an answer.
  7. If you want to start over, refresh the page in your browser.
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