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I, Electricka, welcome you to my web site

A great big warm Hi! and Hello! to you from me, Electricka, Muse of the WorldWide Web©, and from the Exploring The Arts Foundation©, my sponsor, mentor, and acolyte.

I, Electricka, bid you welcome to this, my web site. I'm here to serve all who value the arts, from those who already know and love them to those who are just beginning their exploration of this "magic kingdom" and would like to partake of their joy, knowledge, mystery, and excitement.


I envision a future golden age when computers and the Internet are fully at the service of the arts, a time when art and technology meet, match, and marry. May the arts flourish through this means!


Site Dedication

I now dedicate this web site.

A dedication is a formal, printed inscription that sets apart and consecrates something to a deity or to a sacred purpose; it's a ceremony marking the official completion or opening of a public building, institution, monument, or shrine. A shrine is a stately building of sumptuous character, a temple hallowed by its history or associations, devoted to some deity.

The ancient Greeks, our spiritual forebears, dedicated many shrines to many gods and goddesses. Like them, I, Electricka, Muse of the WorldWide Web©, hereby dedicate a shrine, a temple; but this is a shrine of a different sort, one commensurate with the 21st century.

I hereby dedicate this shrinethis web site and its sacred purpose—to the arts and to all devotees of the arts.

What could be more fitting? I like to think that the ancients, whose invisible spirits inhabit this temple along with my modern-day muses, are applauding now.

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There's more to this story. Who am I, exactly? What is my vision and who is making it a reality? Take Electricka's Orientation Tour and find out.


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