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introducing Electricka, Muse of the WorldWide Web©





hello, I'm Electricka!

How do you do? Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Electricka, Muse Of the WorldWide Web©. I and my cohort muses are pleased act as your hosts at this web site.

The music you hear is my theme. My signs are Fire and Lighting, my sounds are crackling electricity and thunder. My torches symbolizes light and learning, my thunderbolt awakening. My theme music symbolizes the reawakening of the ancient muses and the birth of the modern-day muses in the age of electricity, electronics, and the Internet—in the Communications Age.

Muse Mountain is my name for the mile-high Greek mountain called Helicon in Greece where my ancient Greek forerunners believed the Muses and Apollo, god of the sun, lived, and where I believe they still live.

Helicon was and is a peak or mountain range in Boeotia, in central Greece. See a picture of Helicon, below.* On Helicon's eastern slope, looking toward the rising sun, the ancients planted a grove and dedicated a temple sacred to my ancient sisters. It's there now, although you may have trouble spying it through he thick, surrounding woods. I have made it another of my symbols.

*NOTE: As pictured, Muse Mountain is actually Mt. Ruapehu volcano in Tongariro National Park, New Zealand.

It probably has occurred to you that the ancient muses still exist and play a vital role in modern life; we still talk about the ancient Grecian muses and see them portrayed in museums and in works of art such as statues, architectural designs, and movies. But did you know that modern-day muses exist, as well? At my web site, I have embraced them all.

In addition, I have anointed specific modern-day muses as my cohorts. They are the muses of film, fine arts, language arts, literature, music, and mythology. I speak for them here and at all pages of my web site.

I believe that my cohorts and I are just as alive and vibrant today as the ancient muses were alive and vibrant in the age of classical Greece. I hope that this web site demonstrates that truth.

However, unlike their ancient Greek sisters, we modern muses represent living arts. Although the ancient muses inspire, strengthen, and inform us, today we also stand apart and distinct, as well. Some of the arts we represent did not exist in any shape or form in ancient times; and when ancient arts are involved in what we do, we modern muses view them from a modern perspective. That is why my cohorts and I have a direct and active part to play at my web site whereas our ancient Greek counterparts do not.

homage to the muses

Play Electricka's theme again!

As you listen, picture my ancient sister muses in your mind's eye, reawakened from a slumber of 2300 years, marching down from their ancient mountain home high atop Mount Helicon into our modern world. Visualize me and my cohort muses side by side with the ancient muses, and the millions of artists of the past and present and their followers, all marching down Helicon together in lockstep with the ancients, arm-in-arm. The music you hear is not just my music; it's theirs, as well. It symbolizes what's best in humanity.

there's more to my story

  • For more of my story, click my picture flanked by burning torches and under lightning, above; or click the words Meet Electricka in the To Do Box at the upper right corner of this page. Or clck here.

  • For more of the story of my ancient Greek sisters: click here.

Meet Geek, my Consort

Geek {Ref.}, my consort, is so named for his computer proclivities. Isn't that about what you'd expect from the consort of the Muse of the WorldWide Web©? Ours is the marriage of the computer and the arts.

What Geek looks like, I keep to myself; it's something like this:

If you ask him nicely, maybe one day Geek will turn around so you can get a look at his face.

Do we seem an unlikely pair? In condescending to accept Geek, I have put computers at the service of Art, a worthy enterprise. If this is a sacrifice, it is a meritorious one.

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what's next?

Did you know that you're now viewing a stop at the middle of Electricka's Orientation Tour? This is Stop 2 on the tour.

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Already a member of the tour? Did you start at Page 1? If so, you're ready to pass along to the next page (Stop 3 on the tour). At Stop 3 I want to tell you about my vision. If you want to continue my tour from here and learn about my vision and more about what I stand for, visit Page 3 of my tour:

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