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Here you'll have some fun with the musesand you might discover something worth knowing in the process!

These games and other diversions give you a way to test your skills and knowledge of the arts. They divert and amuse you. They afford you the simple pleasures that come from wrapping your brain around a challenge. You can't lose!


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About arts Games and other diversions

Electricka and her muses offer a variety of different kinds of quizzes and puzzles, among them crosswords, cryptograms, jigsaws, and word search puzzles. Many of their quizzes and puzzles are based on features at Electricka's web site and the information they contain; all are of and about the arts.

She also offers features about the world of quizzes and puzzles. For example:

  • Learn about Margaret Farrar, the woman who established many of the rules for constructing the American crossword puzzle: click here.
  • Learn where to find more arts-related puzzles. Learn about the world of arts-related games and gaming: click here.


explore the world of arts games and gaming

Interest in games and the world of games has never been higher. In America, Japan, England, Western Europe, and elsewhere around the world billions of dollars and millions of man-hours are being spent by game makers and players on gaming pursuits.

Traditional kinds of games such as board games and crossword puzzles continue to be played, as in the past; meanwhile, new automated games are being cranked out at unprecedented rates. These games employ some of the most sophisticated technology available to the public. Gross retail sales of mass market automated games now exceed that for home computers. But strangely, the muses play almost no role in this massive undertaking.

Wouldn't you like to know more about this fascinating world and its connection with the arts? Wouldn't you like to see the arts have a greater presence in this fast-changing yet perennial world? Wouldn't you like to have a role in steering this world in the direction of the arts?

  • Visit Electricka's page called the World Of Arts Games & Gaming: click here.

the arts games information clearinghouse

Electricka believes there should be more art in games. To help bring this about, she has created The Arts Games Information Clearinghouse and designated it a focal point for the collection and dissemination of information about arts-related games and the world of arts games and gaming. The purpose of the Clearinghouse is to help create change favoring the arts in the world of arts games and gamers.

Its goals are to:

  1. Facilitate information exchange among gamers and gaming institutions interested in furthering the arts thorough gaming or furthering gaming through the arts.
  2. Encourage appropriate agencies and individuals to increase the number and quality of games about the arts.
  3. Provide information that will improve the public's access to arts-related games.
  4. Stimulate interest in arts-related games and gaming among those who now follow the muses and among those who do not follow the muses.
  5. Change for the better the way gamers and gaming institutions think of and treat the arts.

Electricka urges everyone interested in playing games and the promoting the arts to join in.

  • Join with other visitors who want to help themselves while helping the arts. Visit the Arts Games Information Clearinghouse: click here.

Publish your original arts-related puzzle or quiz

Electricka hopes that everyone interested in games, from art devotees to neophytes, will create an original arts-related puzzle or quiz; she encourages them to submit their games for publication in these pages.

To encourage visitors to publish their original arts-related puzzles and quizzes, Electricka has declared the Arts Puzzles feature and the Arts Quizzes feature ByLine features. Electricka suggests that you explore the guidelines for these features now.

  • Submit your arts-related puzzle now at the page called Guidelines For ByLine Contributors—Arts Puzzles: click here.
  • Submit your arts-related quiz now at the page called Guidelines For ByLine Contributors—Arts Quizzes: click here.

For more information about this and other ByLine features, visit the ByLine page at this web site:

  • Click the words About ByLines in the ByLine image at the right side of this page or click here.

prizes for games

The Muse explores prizes awarded for contributions to improving or expanding the field of game playing—for creating, conducting, fostering, adding to, promoting, or promulgating games or gaming, or for otherwise making the practice of game playing more useful, profitable, enjoyable, or valuable for others.

These award winners did not receive their award for winning a game. They won for having improved the lot of game players or for changing for the better the way games are played.

  • Visit The Muse's page called Prizes For Games: click here.

ETAF Recommends

Look for ETAF's recommendations at the home page for each type of game. You'll find ideas for books about games and how to play them, game history, game software and hardware, game paraphernalia, puzzle books, and many other kinds of game-related items.




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