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about games and other diversions

Many of these quizzes and puzzles have been created by Electricka and her muses specifically for your edification and enjoyment; others have been devised by visitors.

These games are totally private; they're between you and your computer. Nobody but you will ever know anything about the:

  • Games you've played.
  • Quizzes you've taken.
  • Questions or clues you've answered or skipped.
  • Scores you've made personally.
  • How you or your scores compare with others.

There are a wide variety of different games with different rules. For example:

  • Some games have no scoring; others give you the option to turn off scoring.
  • Some games show you how your play ranks with others; others do not.
  • When scores or ratings are shown to visitors at large, results are always reported statistically. No one but you ever sees your personal score; no one sees anyone else's personal score.

New games and other diversions are continually being added to these pages. Revisit these pages to check for additions.

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